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Corrosion Resistant Bearings Reduce Friction by 30%

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Ultracomp Motion Bearings for Vehicle Barricades: A Case Study

Plastic Bonded to Metal: When is clean really clean?

Bearing Selection and Achieving the Right Press Fit

A Bearing Applications BBQ: Plastic Fabrication Tips, Videos and More!

How do CJ Composite Bearings Beat Bronze in Offshore Drilling?

Want to eliminate dry bearings? Follow this one key tip!

Parylene Coating: What is it and who uses it? (WATCH)

High-Temperature Bearings: A Quick Review

Rulon XL Bearings Improve Military Laser Targeting

3 Issues to Avoid with Corona Treatment of Films

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TriSteel Bearings: The Swiss Army Knife of Bearing Materials

4 Factors that Impact Plane Bearings and P, V and PV (WATCH)

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Thermoset vs. Thermoplastic Bearings

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Avoid Fake Bearing Materials: Partner with a Trusted Supplier!

Design Tip: The Anatomy of a Composite Bearing

Low-friction Composite Bearings “Cement” with Paving Machines

5 Ways Plastic Marine Bearings Are Better Than Metal

Rulon AR and Rulon LR: Back to Basics

Bearing Nomenclature 101: When to choose bearings vs. bushings?

Engineered Plastic Components and the Cost vs. Performance Debate

Q&A: How can I correct a bearing failure of agitator steady bearings?

FCJ Rebuilds High-End Seating from the Bottom Up

Comparison of Underwater Bearings: Wood vs. Plastic

How to Improve Bearing Selection? Consider a FEA Report!

TriStar University Videos: Rulon Bearings & Surface Modification 101

Plastic Agriculture Bearings Are Green for Earth Day

Composite Bearings: Discover New Fire Resistant Formulas

4 Signs You’re Ready to Outsource Plastic Fabrication

How can Plasma Surface Treatments Improve Medical Plastics?

Celebrating Robotics Week 2015 with Engineered Plastics

Plastic Fabrication Review: Machining vs. Injection Molding

Q&A - Bearing Selection Does Rulon W2 Require Grease?

What is a Plane Bearing? Or is it a Plain Bearing?

How to Select Bearings? Look for Industry Certification

Composite Bearings: Design Specs vs. Performance

New Bearing Guide Video: Specs vs. Actual Performance

Q&A How does vibration impact bearing wear?

Plastic Bearings and Surface Modification Fill a Dental Design Cavity

Food Bearings: 5 Benefits of Plastic Over Steel Bearings

Q& A: What are the advantages of dry bearings in medical applications?

4 Common Myths About Plastic Bearings

Plasma Treatment Helps Aircraft Bearings Take Flight

Causes of Bearing Failure – See the Video

Meet TriStar Engineering Manager Adrian Carrera

Q&A - Can you review amorphous vs. crystalline polymers?

Plastic Machining Tips Revealed: Get Your Free Bearings Guide

Harvard Study Confirms Genuine Rulon Materials Superior to Counterfeit

Composite Bearings Last 4x Longer than Bronze Bearings

What do football and plastic bearings have in common?

4 Questions to Ask a Bearing Supplier

Q&A: What is corona treatment?

Plastic Bearings Cool Bottled Beverages and Facilitate Frosty Transport

What is your greatest bearing material challenge?

Vintage Planes Soar with New Bearing Materials

Q&A Can you review NSF-compliant food bearings?

Plasma Treatment of Medical Filters

Composite Bearings Increase Riders’ Mobility on Mass Transit

Q&A What are flange bearings?

Marine Bearings Give Lift to Luxury Yachts

History of Plastic Bearings: A timeline

Plastic Bearings for Automotive: Even Consumers Benefit

Plastic Bearings: The Official Sponsor of Winter Activities

3 Key Benefits of Surface Modification

Lifetime Improvements with Filament Wound Composite Bearings

Agriculture Bearings: Ultracomp from Tillage to Table

Tech Tip: Surface Modification Bonds Rubber to Metal

Plastic Bearings for the Food Industry: All the Ingredients

Q&A: Can you suggest a maintenance-free bearing for a quarry application?

Construction Bearings: Not Your Garden-Variety

Rulon Bearings in Vacuum Applications

Agriculture Bearings: Polymers Outperform Metals

Bearing Materials and Tribology Testing

Food Packaging: Plastic Bearings Increase Production of Ice Cream

Best of the Blog with Bearing Videos!

Plasma Treatment of Medical Plastics

5 Reasons Why Plastic Bearings Outperform Metal

Common Causes of Bearing Failure

Marine Bearings Sail the Seas Corrosion Free

Bearings for Food Processing: Rulon 641 is in Hot Oil

Paper Industry Places Wet and Dry Demands on Plastic Bearings

Q&A What are some of the Benefits of Plasma Cleaning?

Rulon J Eliminates Stick/Slip in Military Rifles

Tech Tip: How do I measure the surface tension of plastics?

CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine Navigation

Tips to Bond Silicone Rubber to Aluminum

Military Bearings: Rulon LR Delivers for Surface-to-Air Missiles

Plastic Bearing Selection: How do I submit project specifications?

Ultracomp Conveyor Bearings Roll Along for the “Toy of the Century”

Custom Seal Design Drives Oil and Gas Fracking Engines

Counterfeit Rulon Bearings and Material Failure – What can go wrong?

Self-Lubricating Ultracomp Increases Production, Eliminates Maintenance

Q&A – Machining plastics – what do I need to know?

Rulon Reels In Custom Fishing Components

Plastic Manufacturing for the Auto industry

Rulon J and Adhesion: With or without Plasma Surface Modification?

From fresh-water meters to chemical tanks, W2 excels in liquids

CJ Bearings Replace Bronze Bearings in Material Handling Equipment

Plastic Bearings for the Auto Industry

Plasma Cleaning Improves Release Properties

Tech Tip: How do I Choose a Bearing Manufacturer?

Rulon Bearings Go Green for Paper and Lumber Industries

The Science of Plastics: Always Strong

Surface Modification in Medical: Two applications, one device?

TriStar: Bearing manufacturer for the military

Waterproof Bearings: CJ resists corrosion and moisture

Food Processing, Custom Plastic Fabrication & Frying – Oh my!

Summertime and the Email Inbox: What have I missed?

Custom Bearings for Peanut Processing

Aircraft Bearings: Polymer pivots, steers and lifts with better performance

Self-lubricating Bearings for the Lumber Industry: durable and environmentally-friendly

Plane Bearings and Operating Limits: A composite comparison

Ultracomp Bearings and High-Pressure Water Applications

Self-lubricating Bearings vs. Greased, Metal Bearings

Electronics LCD Bearings: Rulon J Hits the Big Screen

Plasma Surface Modification Improves Drone Aerodynamics

Food Conveyors Bearings: Rulon Removes the Squeak

Rulon 945 Improves Oil & Gas Compressor Performance

Why Test Polymers Before Manufacturing?

Plasma Modification Increases the Grip of a Surgical Device

5 Ways Self-lubricating Bearings Reduce Food Contamination

Rulon Bearings in Food Processing: Solving a Doughnut Dilemma

Meet TriStar’s Business Development Manager

Q&A - What is a sleeve bearing?

Rulon Bearings: How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit!

Aircraft Bearings: Meldin is a versatile, high-temperature solution

Q&A How do plastic bearings compare to standard metal bearings?

Rulon Bearings Solve Tough Industrial Challenges

Tech Tip: Advantages of Reinforced Plastic Bearings

Common Types of Plastic Bearings

Rulon 1439 Now Certified for Medical Disposals!

What are the manufacturing benefits of bonding plastics?

Rulon Bearings: A Review of Common Formulas

When is it time to replace bearings?

Trilon Modified UHMW – Ideal for Custom Components

Q&A - How can I measure the performance of plane bearings?

Surface Modification of Polymers: Meet TriStar Engineer Kevin Smith

Ask the Expert: Finding the Right Automotive Bearing

Q&A - Rulon Bearings Excel in Oil Industry Applications

FCJ Bearings Boost Frozen Food Production

Tech Tip: How do Self-lubricating Bearings Work to Eliminate Greasing?

Self-lubricating Bearings in Frozen Food Processing

Plastic Materials Testing and Rulon

Surface Engineering Impacts Bearing Friction and Wear

Making Bearing Selections Easier - Packaging Equipment

Meet TriStar's Technical Director:
Dave Biering on Bearings

Tech Tip: 5 Common Signs of Bearing Failure

Bearings for the Oil and Gas Industry: Why Rulon 945?

Rail Industry Safety and Self-lubricating Bearings

Counterfeit Rulon Bearing Materials ― What is the true cost?

Q&A - Will Rulon melt at high temperatures?

Q&A - Can Rulon be used in wet applications?

Rulon Injection Molding and Plastic Bearings - ‘Tis the Season for Increased Production

Railcar Bearings – “Where the Rail Meets the Steel”

Custom Bearing Fabrication – TriStar Machines Plastics

How to Choose Self-lubricating Bearings: Expanded Bearing Database Now Available!

Composite Bearings vs. Bronze Bearings in Extreme Winter Applications

3 Reasons Why Christopher Columbus Would Have Chosen Composite Bearings

Q&A: How can I Bond Rulon? See a Demonstration!

Rulon W2 Filled-PTFE: Performance Improves When Wet

USP-Certification of Plastics: Why is it Important?

America’s Cup and High-Performance Plastics

TriSteel Self-Lubricating Bearings for Automotive Applications

Reinforced Plane Bearings: The Pros and Cons of Different Liners

Choosing a Reinforced Plane Bearing Material: What to consider?

New Self-lubricating Bearings: TriSteel P4 Reinforced for High Speeds, Variable Loads and Extreme Temperatures

Q&A Which plane bearings do you recommend for a wet or submerged application?

Composite Marine Bearings Prevent Corrosion

Ultracomp Composite Bearings: 5 Reasons Why They Excel in Marine Applications

Bow Plane Bearings Reduce Wake Generation

Rulon Fabrication: Expert Design Consultation Can Contain Costs

Q&A - Designing bearings for use in a submerged application

TriStar and Rulon: “The Bearings of Summer"

Rulon Bearing Tape = 500x Industry Standard for Wear Resistance

Rulon 123 and Rulon 641 Receive EU Certification for Food Contact

Q&A - Which Rulon formula is best for a mixing application involving abrasive materials?

Machining Rulon® - 8 Techniques to Finish Stock Material

Medical-grade plastics

Rulon Self-Lubricating Bearings: Q&A Surface Properties and Configurations

Rulon Self-Lubricating Bearings for the Food Industry

Rulon Materials: 7 Questions to Ask to Select the Right Formula

Rulon J, Plasma Treatment, Adhesion, and Our New White Paper!

Rulon Plane Bearings and Coefficient of Friction

Now Available: Free Surface Modification White Paper

Promoting Adhesion of Rulon J with Plasma

Recognizing The Three Types of Bond Failure

Preparing Fluoropolymers for Bonding With Plasma Treatment

Plasma Surface Modification vs. Corona Treatment

Enhancing the Adhesion of Coatings

Surface Modification Analytical Services - Take a Tour of the TriStar Lab!

Potting & Encapsulation – A Brief Overview

Preparing inorganic materials for better bonding

Critical plasma cleaning without toxic solvents

Q& A – How can I measure a modified surface?

Plasma Surface Modification – How does the process work?

Four questions to ask when sourcing surface treatment processing

TriStar Plastics Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Minimizing bubble formation on medical and/or diagnostic devices

The benefits of outsourcing surface treatments

Composite and Polymer Pillow Block Bearings

Increasing adhesion on hard-to-bond materials like Delrin

What is a fluoropolymer?

Polymer Surfaces and the Hydrophilicity Challenge

Compare over 400 engineered materials in our new database!

5 Common Gases to Render Polymer Surfaces Hydrophilic

Free White Papers for Food Industry Manufacturers - Download your copies now!

PTFE-filled Fluoroloy H

Rulon Tape Q&A

Rulon J Delivered A 30% Lower Friction Rate

Trilon FR – For extended use and flame resistance

Plasma Cleaning of Titanium Parts

Measuring PV For Plane Bearings

Plasma Processing is Environmentally Friendly

Rulon AR is a Good Material for Seals

Cleaning Glass Slides

Turcite Materials – Common Applications

Plasma Modification – The Basics: Fluorine Plasma

Plasma Modification – The Basics: Plasma Reaction

Plasma Modification – The Basics: Oxidizing species

Download our new Railcar Manufacturing White Paper!

Q&A: Can you suggest a good option for pillow block rolling element bearings?

Q&A: High performance and high temperature – which materials make the cut?

Retrofitting with Ultrasert

Plastic Bearings and Coefficient of Friction

Q&A - Techtron PPS

CJ Bearings Were Designed for Construction

Machining UHMW – Points to Consider

Q&A: Cleaning Metal Parts Prior to Overmolding

What are some advantages of using polymer materials for gears?

Q&A: Dual Treatments On The Same Device

Q&A: Which material do you recommend for small construction equipment? Our cast nylon bearings are not lasting as long as we’d like.

Q&A: Painting Plastic Parts

TriSteel PE Metal-Backed Bearings

Q&A: Plasma Treatments Versus Chemical Etch

Q&A: Treating Acrylic with Plasma

Ultracomp bearings for shipping and marine applications

Treating Cultureware (Well Plates, Culture Flaskes, and Petri Dishes) With Vacuum Plasma

Q&A: Is there a seal material that will operate at 600° continuously?

Treating Syringe Hubs for Enhanced Bonding

Q&A: How do I identify which Rulon material I have?

Plasma Treatment of Microtiter Plates and PCR Strips

Q&A: What alternative material to metal bearings would you suggest?

Surface finishes – A critical part of plane bearing design

Rulon 488 as a Replacement for Carbon

Material Selection Process (MSP)

Q&A: Can you offer a suggestion for replacement bearings?

Super CJ

Cleaning Solar Glass via Plasma Cleaning Removes Organic Contamination

Prototype to production - Custom solutions for you application

Q&A - Plasma Processing Methods: Which to choose?

Trilon AR

Question: In addition to cleaning and preparing polymer materials and/or devices, what are some other common applications for surface modification via vacuum plasma?

With soaring steel prices have you considered polymer bearings as a replacement option?

Benefits of Plasma Cleaning

Ultracomp gives excellent fire-resistance… and so much more

Advantages of cleaning with plasma

Glass Cleaning with Vacuum Plasma Treatments

TriSteel bearings rule the lawn

Q&A: Does TriStar’s Surface Modification Division Offer Printing Services?

How do I select the right Rulon for my application?

Surface Treatment Prior to Pad Printing

Measuring Operating PV

Question: Can TriStar provide materials or devices that have already been plasma-treated?

Metal bearings for a marine application?

Question: Does TriStar Offer Post-Treatment Services?

Question: Will TriStar Store My Materials Until Ready to Treat?

Prepping Parts for Overmolding

Question: Is there more than one plasma process that can be applied to the same material?

Question: How does Vacuum Plasma Differ from Corona Treating?

Rulon 641

Question: Can Treated Parts be Re-Treated if Necessary?

TriStar’s Material Analysis Services Helps Engineers to Make Appropriate Material Recommendations

Q&A: A colleague recently mentioned that TriStar offers extensive analytical services. Please elaborate.

Question: What is the Typical Turnaround for Samples Work?

Q&A: I am looking for a composite bearing that is easily interchangeable with a standard spherical insert. Can you offer a suggestion?

Question: Does TriStar Offer Coatings?

Ultracomp Bearings for High Loads

An argument for plasma cleaning processes

Q&A: Do you offer a bearing with stainless steel substrates?

Plasma Process Versus Other Surface Treatments

Q&A: We are searching for a replacement bearing that works well for a lift and tilt motion, what would you recommend?

Q&A: Why are PTFE Teflon prices going through the roof?

Detack Treatment on Elastomer Substrates

Materials Database

Plasma Cleaning of Ceramic Insulators

Q&A: Can You Review Some Key Benefits of Ertalyte TX?

TriStar's Fabrication Capabilities

Q & A: What do you recommend to prevent corrosion in aluminum

The importance of surface finishes

Bearings for use in abrasive environments

Q & A: What plastics do you recommend for food processing and packaging?

Self-Lubricating Bearings

Q & A: Can you review high-performance materials?

Treating medical-grade plastics

Plane bearings for a wet environment

That Darn Ooze

Plasma Processing is the Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Wet Chemical Processing

Plasma Processing – Outsourcing vs. Owning Equipment

Plasma Processing May be the Most Economical Method for Your Application

With Plasma Processing, Your Material Integrity is Maintained

Plasma is Clean and Dry

Treat Before You Pot

Clean Parts are Usually Not Clean – Part 3

TriStar Plastics Named Exclusive Distributor by Saint-Gobain

Clean Parts are Usually Not Clean – Part 2

Clean Parts are Usually Not Clean – Part 1

How is Plasma Treatment Measured?

Shelf Life of Surface Modified Parts – Part 2

Shelf Life of Surface Modified Parts - Part 1

Q & A: Lately, I’ve been hearing more about Tivar HOT. What are some common applications?

Torlon is for Punishing Environments

Plastic Technology 101

Decoding Rulon

Q & A: How do I select the right plane bearing?

The “Plain” Truth About Plane Bearings

Plasma 101

Accelerated Aging: Leveraging Temperatures

Accelerated Aging and Product Bag Selection

A Review of Sterilization Methods

Ultracomp Composite Bearings in Marine Environments

PTFE Slipper Seals

Enhancing the Bond Strength of Cement Through Plasma

A New Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Treatment

Q & A: Lens Surface Treatments

Q & A: Removing Silicone Oil from Tubing

More on Crystallinity of PTFE

Biodegradable Plastics - Do They Really Work?

Q & A: Do you know where I can get Dixon M-Liners or an equivalent product?

Taking Off with Aerospace Foam

Hydrophobic Treatment for Foams

Antimicrobial Plastics

Q & A: I'm new at machining plastics. Do you have any tips on getting the best results?

Which Plastics are Biocompatible?

Composite Bearings for Extreme Loads

Surface Energy of Plastics

Polymer Refresher: Part 4

Polymer Refresher: Part 3

UHMW Polyethylene - What makes it tick?

Torlon High Performance Materials

Tivar HOT - High Temperature UHMW

Fluoroloy H Dielectric Insulator Material

Effect of Crystallinity on Physical Properties of PCTFE at Liquid Oxygen Temperatures (-320F)

Q & A: Can I use gamma radiation to sterilize a Teflon part?

Polymer Refresher: Part 2

Polymer Refresher: Part 1

Take a Cold Bath

Possible Problems with Flame and Corona Treatments

Plasma Adhesion Promotion on Polycarbonate

Improving Wear Life of PTFE with Chemistry

Definitions of Plastic Resins: Part 4

Definitions of Plastic Resins: Part 3

Definitions of Plastic Resins: Part 2

Definitions of Plastic Resins: Part 1

Adhesive Bonding Design: Part 4

Adhesive Bonding Design: Part 3

Adhesive Bonding Design: Part 2

Adhesive Bonding Design: Part 1

Removing Rulon or Other Bonded PTFE From Substrates

Acrylic Adhesion Enhancement

Surface Energy Design

Fading Away

Coating Mismatch Effect

Gamma Radiation Effects on Polymers: Part 2

Gamma Radiation Effects on Polymers: Part 1

Recognizing Quality in PTFE Materials

Consider Casting Large Plastic Parts

Plain Bearing Wear Factors as Related to PV

Q & A: I have higher than expected friction with my Rulon bearing!

Q & A: Plasma Cleaning Parts

Q & A: Molding versus Machining

Q & A about Rubber Overmolding

Rulon XL High Performance Bearing Material

Metal Backed Bearing Uses Modified PEEK Liner

Surface Finish and Wear Results in Composite Bearings

Accelerated Aging Discussion

Sticking to It!

Composite Self Lubricating Bearings

High Performance Polymers Push Temperature Limits

Coefficient of Friction and Rulon Bearings

Polymer Surface Treatments for Enhanced Adhesion

Photolysis (UV) Surface Treatment

Surface Roughness vs. Contact Angle

Bonding Dissimilar Surfaces

Clean, Lean and Mean

Rulon 142

Rulon J

Rulon 641

Rulon Bearings

Surface Modification