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Avoid Fake Bearing Materials: Partner with a Trusted Supplier!

June 4, 2015

2)	Avoid Fake Bearing Materials: Partner with a Trusted Supplier!

I read with interest about the seizure of over 100,000 fake auto bearing materials that were set to be shipped to the US this spring. In fact, The World Bearing Association reports that fake automotive bearings have become a “cancer” on the industry, and are putting motorists at serious risk. These illicit materials are being promoted as genuine bearing replacements for brakes, oil filters and even air bags. How can you recognize genuine and avoid the hazards of look-alike counterfeit bearing materials? Partner with a trusted bearing supplier! 

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Counterfeit Rulon Bearings and Material Failure – What can go wrong?

September 9, 2014

Counterfeit Rulon Bearings and Material Failure - Free White PaperHave you downloaded your free copy of our Rulon technical paper, How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit? This paper was developed as a resource to help you source quality components from the many bogus “Rulon” materials that have flooded the market in recent years. But you may wonder what can really go wrong with counterfeit materials ― we thought we’d provide a quick list of common failures:

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Why Test Polymers Before Manufacturing?

June 10, 2014

Why Test Polymers Before Manufacturing?Since the release of our white paper on tribology testing and counterfeit materials, we’ve had many calls about the process.  I wanted to quickly review why tribology polymer testing is important, and share a video on the topic.

Why should you consider tribology testing to verify and characterize polymers before manufacturing?

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Rulon Bearings: How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit!

May 16, 2014

Rulon Bearings White PaperIt’s here - our latest Rulon® White Paper!

Did you know that not all bearing materials are created equally - not even those sold under the same brand name?  The truth is that there’s a flood of low-quality, counterfeit bearing materials being sold under the Rulon® brand name.  For most manufacturers it can be difficult to decipher genuine materials from counterfeit, yet counterfeit materials can be devastating to your application.

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