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Problems & Solutions

Problems & Solutions

Common Bearing Engineering Challenges & their Solutions


Explore some of the most common causes of bearing failure and learn how self-lubricating polymer and composite bearings can eliminate (or substantially mitigate) these problems.

For a deeper dive into this topic, grab your free copy our Bearing Failure White Paper.



  • Plastic bearings never rust or corrode
  • Tolerate chemicals and abrasives
  • Stainless steel liner options
  • Extended service life and wear over metals
Size & Weight

Size & Weight

  • Composites reduce size/weight
  • Self-lubricating bearings offer thinner designr
  • Bronze bearings are bulky and heavy
  • Plastic bearings up to 5x lighter than steel


  • Self-lubricating bearings never need grease 
  • Eliminate worries of lubrication levels and contamination
  • Require zero maintenance
  • Save on expensive materials and labor
Bonding & Adhesion

Bonding & Adhesion

  • Alter surface energy of plastics 
  • Plastics can be bonded to other materials
  • Range of bonding and adhesion techniques
  • Bonding application expertise and uniformity is key
Service Life & Wear

Service Life & Wear

  • Metal bearings can lead to early failure
  • Lubricants attract dirt and grit that contaminate metal
  • Range of temperatures and sizes
  • Shifting and misalignment no problem with plastics
Noise & Vibration

Noise & Vibration

  • Metal bearings cause noise, require grease
  • Self-lubricating plastics eliminate grease, reduce noise
  • Polymers and composites absorb harsh vibrations
  • Insulated design for better performance


  • Energy-loss inherent in metals increase costs
  • Low-friction polymers reduce operation costs
  • Highly-customized plastics are more efficient
  • Composite plastics maximize cost/performance ratio
Agency Approval

Agency Approval

  • Look for quality control and industry certification
  • FDA, USDA, NSF, EU, ABS-compliant materials
  • Sanitation for food industry, pharma, medical
  • Marine shipping-compliant for both dockside and onboard