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    Self-Lubricating Bearings Raise Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Need to improve bearing efficiency? Look to maintenance-free plastic composite bearings for durable, efficient service in tough industrial applications.

Unlike metals, plastic bearings are self-lubricating, so there is no added expense for lubrication or maintenance. Longer service life means your bearings may even last longer than your equipment. And a tough design of high-quality materials resists extreme vibration, temperatures and corrosion for better performance in the field.

When it’s time to source bearing materials, look beyond initial unit cost and to examine total cost of lifetime ownership. Composite bearings are the clear winner. 

TriStar’s Cost & Efficiency Maximizing Solutions

Cj Composite Bearings
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Designed as a replacement for bronze, steel, rolling element bearings and even other polymers, CJ is a simple, self-lubricating bearing solution for marine, construction, railroad and other heavy-duty applications. 

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When your application calls for Rulon® bearings – you should call for TriStar. With the largest US inventory and multiple distribution centers, we have what you need, when you need it.