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TriSteel™ | Metal Backed Bearing System

TriSteel™ bearings are a metal backed system with multiple lining options to optimize a solution for your unique applications.

Featuring a unique polymer liner that is sintered to a porous bronze interlayer. TriSteel bearings are self-lubricating and can withstand the most rigorous of working environments. TriSteel can easily manage high-loads and excessive speeds, and can protect your machinery in the rare instance of a liner wear-thru, since the supporting interlayer is also self-lubricating.

Whether your job calls for standard or metric dimensions, or requires a steel, zinc or copper-plated backing, TriSteel has you covered. We’ll help you match the right material to enhance product wear life by evaluating the speed, load, temperature and lubrication of your hardware. And we’ll do it all at a competitive value.

TriSteel Typical Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Railroad
  • Aerospace
  • Material Handling Equipment

TriSteel Benefits

  • Self-lubricating inner and outer layers

    TriSteel bearings utilize special polymer liners for self-lubrication and improved wear properties.

  • Longer wear

    The metal backing supports liner materials made to withstand high loads, speeds and adverse environments.

  • Standard or metric dimension

    TriSteel bearings are available in inch and metric dimensions in various combinations of liners and backing materials.

  • Supporting interlayer

    Even if wear-thru occurs in the liner, the supporting interlayer is a self-lubricating material as well.

  • Steel backing for strength

    The steel backing material provides structural and mechanical support for the bonding layer and the bearing surface.


TriSteel PT

TriSteel PT

Sintered porous bronze on metal substrate with PTFE calendared into the dynamic wear surface. High PV, self lubricating and long wear life. Commonly used in lift and tilt applications in construction, material handling, textile, hydraulic components, agriculture and forestry machinery.

TriSteel AC

Sintered porous bronze on metal substrate with POM calendared into the dynamic wear surface. Requires boundary lubrication for optimum performance. High PV rating, low speeds. Commonly used in mining equipment, rolling mills, ski lifts and other applications where bronze bushings are utilized.

TriSteel PE

TriSteel PE

Modified PEEK with self lubricating additives for applications where chemicals may be utilized. Excellent wear in both wet or dry applications. Available with a bronze substrate for use as chemical pump or valve bushings. Extra thick liner allows for slight modifications for shaft misalignment.

TriSteel PR

TriSteel PR

No lead, enhanced PTFE liner with special fillers for dampening devices, hydraulic motors, automotive lift and and pivot devices and linear motion equipment. A common use is for bicycle/motorcycle shock absorbers as piston and rod wear bearings. Exceptional wear properties in unlubricated service.