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Metal Backed Bearing System

TriSteel™ is a metal backed bearing system with multiple lining options to optimize a solution for your unique application.

Featuring a unique polymer liner that is sintered to a porous bronze interlayer, TriSteel bearings are self-lubricating and can withstand the most rigorous of working environments. TriSteel can easily manage high-loads and excessive speeds and can protect your machinery in the rare instance of a liner wear-thru, since the supporting interlayer is also self-lubricating.

Offered in both standard or metric dimensions, and steel, zinc or copper-plated backing. We’ll help you match the right material to enhance product wear life by evaluating the speed, load, temperature, and lubrication of your hardware.

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TriSteel Bearings

Watch our quick video introduction to the TriSteel metal-backed bearing system.