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Ultracomp® | High Load - Low Speed | Impact Resistant

From resisting corrosive sea water and dusty agriculture fields, to powering the conveyor systems of top toy manufacturers, Ultracomp is the versatile, go-to composite bearing for hundreds of applications. 

Constructed of synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers, Ultracomp delivers in linear, oscillating and rotary applications to give you the best in design flexibility. It’s the preferred choice whether you are running in wet or dry environments, or when carry loads exceed the limits of all other non-metallic bearing materials.

Ultracomp Typical Applications

  • Marine
  • Railroad
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

Ultracomp combines superior mechanical properties with dimensional stability ― all without the need for lubrication to help you save on regular maintenance costs.

Ultracomp Variants

  • UC200 Bearing Grade Blended Fiber / Graphite Composite - Abrasion resistance without regular lubrication with extremely low moisture absorption
  • UC300 Bearing Grade Polyester / PTFE Composite - PTFE lubricant added to resin matrix for rotary or linear applications to reduce friction, run against stainless and aluminum
  • UC400 Bearing Grade Blended Fiber / Graphite Composite - Moly lubricant for slow rotary, salt water, and dry oscillation 
  • UC500 Bearing Grade Blended Fiber / Graphite Composite - Full rotary applications where low friction and long wear is required

Ultracomp is available in tube and sheet stock, or can be fabricated for a custom fit.

Ultracomp Benefits

  • Self-lubricating design

    Produced using synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers with a series of migratory internal lubricants such as PTFE, graphite or MOS2.

  • Easy machinability

    Machinable in many different ways. You can drill, tap, turn, mill and overwrap Ultracomp.

  • A bearing, through and through

    Ultracomp is a bearing material through the entire thickness of the material; there is no boundary layer.

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

    Ultracomp products are resistant to most chemicals, including acids and bases.