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The Shooting Star is TriStar's monthly technical brief featuring new products, materials and interesting applications.

Volume 18 - Issue 10


Ultraflon CFX30 Performs in Extreme Oil & Gas Seal Application

There are few environments tougher on seals than those found in oil and gas applications. Extremes of temperature, pressure and potential contamination conspire to make catastrophic failure a frequent occurrence. One of our customers came to us with very specific requirements and we recommended a unique material that addressed their concerns and greatly increased performance and reliability.


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Volume 18 - Issue 9

Don't Settle for Bronze - CJ Bearings are Ideal Drop-In Replacements

A major manufacturer of material handling equipment asked us to help them solve a problem with the horizontal shaft supports in forklift attachments used to lift heavy loads such as paper rolls and large barrels. With a compressive strength over 60,000 psi and a speed rating of 100 SFPM, CJ Bearings were the ideal choice.


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Volume 18 - Issue 8

Rulon® 641 in the Mix with Reduced Wear & Noise

Rulon 641 is a material most commonly known for traditional bearing and seal configurations. One of TriStar’s customers — a major pharmaceutical company — was having issues with mechanical face seals and wondered if Rulon 641 might work in the application.


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Volume 18 - Issue 7

Rulon® J Makes it Possible to Strap In and Feel The “G’s”

In any application where safety is of paramount importance, there are certain components you don’t casually source materials for – only specialty high-performance materials will do. Rulon J is just such a material, and safety equipment on a roller coaster is just such an application!


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Volume 18 - Issue 6

Rulon® Mission-Critical in Chernobyl New Safe Confinement System

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 remains the worst nuclear accident in history in terms of resulting deaths, health issues, environmental impact and cost. Rulon high performance plastics, supplied by TriStar Plastics Corp. are playing a small but critical role in keeping the still-dangerous reactor contained.


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Volume 18 - Issue 5

Hyper-Hydrophobic Membranes Elevate Liquid Chromatography

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a type an analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. Our client was looking for a way to significantly improve the performance and accuracy of the HPLC system they designed to separate aqueous fluids from gas. They recently contacted our Enhanced Materials Division (EMD) to see if we could help.


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Volume 18 - Issue 4

Rulon® Brings Top Sound/Vibration Dampening to High End Audio

In the world of high-end audio, the quest for perfect sound is serious business. No effort (or expense) is spared to create the best possible conditions for sound that is unencumbered by the dual threats of unwanted noise and vibration! One of our customers has recently been using Rulon 142 (for which TriStar Plastics is the exclusive North American distributor) to lead the charge in combating these barriers to audio nirvana.


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Volume 18 - Issue 3

Rulon® Materials Are Critical for Accurate Lab Fluid Dispensing

TriStar Plastics has a few customers that are utilizing Rulon materials as piston cups in microfluid piston dispensing pumps. These pumps are driven by a rotary shaft with a cam which drives the piston and have no valving — which means the only moving part is the piston. These types of pumps are primarily used in specialty lab applications where a broad cross section of fluids can be involved and where finite control of flow rates is critical.


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Volume 18 - Issue 2

CJ Bearings Kick Grease Contamination to the Curb

For many years, manufacturers of waste collection equipment have utilized CJ bearings for pivot points on the mechanical devices mounted on their trucks.

CJ bearings are usually found on the articulation points in the rear lift or side lift systems you see every week picking up your trash cans. This environment is dirty and heavily cycled, with high impact/vibration and loading that can vary from lift to lift


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Volume 18 - Issue 1

Increasing Hydroponic Yields with Ultraflon R28

Hydroponics is a precise method for growing bigger and better plants more efficiently. We worked with a client to modify open-cell foam to better control water/oxygen levels at plant roots to create optimum growing conditions. We utlilized our Ultraflon R28 coating, which was developed for a wide variety of non-stick and hydrophobic applications. It proved ideal for creating the perfect growing medium for our client's plants.


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Volume 17 - Issue 12

The Chemistry of High Temperature Plastics

It’s a common misconception that polymers can only be used in low temperature applications. There are, however, polymers with properties significantly superior to traditional plastics. These high temperature polymers can withstand temperatures above 275°F (135°C), and in some cases can go much higher than that! In order to perform successfully at high temperatures, a material must have at least two essential characteristics: it must be strong, and it must have resistance to its environment.


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Volume 17 - Issue 11

Rulon® J Gets into the Groove

With the return of vinyl records to our lives there has been a surge in new designs for turntables. Gone are the days of misaligned needles on warped platters. Today’s consumer-grade turntable systems are actually better than studio quality devices of the past. One turntable manufacturer came to TriStar with a unique concept that called for a specialized solution...


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