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EMD (Enhanced Materials Division)

Enhanced Materials Division (EMD)

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Shooting Star Newsletter

Shooting Star Newsletter

The Shooting Star is TriStar's monthly technical brief featuring new products, materials and interesting applications.



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June 2021

Rulon® Bearings Excel as Drop-in Replacements for Bioreactor Steady Bearings

May 2021

HyComp H310™ Solution Quadruples Lifespan of Forging Manipulator

April 2021

TriSteel Bearings Keep Triangular Drive Systems on Track

March 2021

FCJ Bearings a Ray of Sunshine in Solar Panel Arrays

February 2021

Rulon® 1439 Bearings Increase Potato Chip Production Rates

January 2021

Cold Plasma Treatment Helps Implant Dentistry Create Beautiful Smiles

December 2020

Clever Material Selection Extends Operating Life of Bottling Equipment

November 2020

Riding the Waves with Self-Lubricating CJ Bearings

October 2020

Advanced Materials Improve Uptime & Outcomes in Cheese Manufacturing

September 2020

Self-Lubricating Bearings Boost Performance in Screw Conveyors

August 2020

Composite Bearings for Onboard Seafood Processing and Packaging

July 2020

Ultracomp Bearings Ensure Rapid Deployment of Navy Transport

June 2020

CJ Bearings Ensure Smooth Sailing for Sailboat Windvanes

May 2020

Fluoroloy® H Brings Superior Thermal Conductivity to Satellite Application

April 2020

Surface Modification Techniques for Rapid COVID-19 Testing

March 2020

TriSteel™ PT Metal-Backed Bearings Raise Hoist Effectiveness

February 2020

Asymmetric PES Membranes Enable On-Device Blood Testing

January 2020

Special PEEK Rotor Insert Eliminates Failure in Chemical Pump

December 2019

Roasting a Better Cup of Comfort with Rulon® 641

November 2019

TriSteel & Ultracomp Bearings Clean up in Renewable Energy

October 2019

Ultraflon CFX30 Performs in Extreme Oil & Gas Seal Application

September 2019

Don't Settle for Bronze - CJ Bearings are Ideal Drop-In Replacements

August 2019

Rulon® 641 in the Mix with Reduced Wear & Noise

July 2019

Rulon® J Makes it Possible to Strap In and Feel The “G’s”

June 2019

Rulon® Mission-Critical in Chernobyl New Safe Confinement System

May 2019

Hyper-Hydrophobic Membranes Elevate Liquid Chromatography

April 2019

Rulon® Brings Top Sound/Vibration Dampening to High End Audio

March 2019

Rulon® Materials Are Critical for Accurate Lab Fluid Dispensing

February 2019

CJ Bearings Kick Grease Contamination to the Curb