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Volume 16 - Issue 11
Wet vs. Dry Plasma Cleaning Process:  Which is best?

Wet vs. Dry Plasma Cleaning Process: Which is best?

Bonding different materials can yield significant manufacturing results. But which method is best – a wet or dry plasma cleaning process? One manufacturer solved a common bonding barrier to ultimately improve their overall production rates.


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Volume 16 - Issue 10

Oil and Gas Bearings Help Robotic Subseas Detect Pipeline Leaks

Underwater oil and gas pipelines have been in peril. As back-to-back hurricanes recently ravaged the Atlantic Basin, offshore petroleum production came to a halt. Yet as the storms recede and recovery begins, subsea robotic systems with heavy-duty oil and gas bearings are playing a critical role in restoring production levels.


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Volume 16 - Issue 8

Next-Gen Supersonic Aircraft Design Meets Rulon J

With one of the lowest coefficients of friction on the market, Rulon J is exceeding the strict requirements for thermal bonding of supersonic aircraft components; even NASA designers are taking notice.


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Volume 16 - Issue 7

Drone Design: Why Choose Composite Aerospace Plastic Bearings?

The drone market is exploding. While exact figures can vary based on your definition of a drone (UAV? UAS?), or the intended use (personal, commercial or military), Gartner estimates the global drone market will grow 34% in 2017, and will reach $11.2 billion by 2020. But no matter the intended application, all drones have the same requirements of aerospace plastics.


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Volume 16 - Issue 6

Plastic Bearings and the Food Safety Modernization Act

Did you know that the deadline for the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is nearly here? Although the Act was signed into law in 2011, most manufacturers are struggling to meet the final deadline coming later this year. Food processing OEMs cite that their number one obstacle to compliance is getting the right cleaning systems in place.


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Volume 16 - Issue 5

Bearing Service Life: One Million Cycles, Near-Zero Wear 

Vehicle shocks are designed to help absorb vibrations and heavy loads over rough terrain and uneven pavement. But in heavy-duty applications and extreme conditions, the average shock assembly can have a limited bearing service life. Our manufacturing partners serve all vehicle markets from utility ATVs to high-performance racing; and the one bearing product they insist on is TriSteel.


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Volume 16 - Issue 4

Plastic Bearings for Robotics: Precision, Durability, and Value

Plastic bearings give robotic joints and arms very precise and fluid movements. In medicine, surgeons depend on precision surgical arms for delicate surgeries.  Military first responders are kept safe by using remote-controlled robots to detect and detonate explosives. Industrial manufacturers depend on robotic devices for high-load packaging. Even consumers depend on robots to help them vacuum and clean.


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Volume 16 - Issue 3

Linear Bearings Slide Freely Aboard Luxury Yachts

In the world of luxury yacht building, every construction material from deck finishes to cabin textiles must meet strict quality standards. Even behind-the scenes engine components like slide pads and linear bearings are scrutinized to ensure they provide superior performance for a discerning clientele. Ultracomp is one of the few product lines to deliver this fine level of craftsmanship.


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Volume 16 - Issue 2

Manufacturers: Are you ready to solve common bearing challenges and improve output?

Get the Industrial Bearings White Paper to explore how plastic bearings are overcoming lubrication failure, corrosion, fatigue and other top challenges to improve manufacturing output.

The paper spotlights case studies in 10 key industries.


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Volume 16 - Issue 1

Composite Bearings Resist Fine Particulate in Food Packaging

In the food packaging arena, the in-line equipment has to run like clockwork. Pumps, valves, conveyors, pick-and-place robots – all working at high speeds and demanding the highest-level of reliability. Traditional manufacturing and packaging solutions such as bronze bushings require cleaning and maintenance that is both time and labor intensive. Composites deliver a cleaner bearing without the added expense of applying food-grade grease


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Volume 15 - Issue 12

Pharma Packaging: Guide Bearings Help Support Sanitation

One of the leading concerns of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is purity in processing.  As drugs make their way through the production and packaging areas, the risk of contamination is all too real.  But bearing suppliers like TriStar are heeding the call by making products which help to eliminate direct contact between drug and equipment. 


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Volume 15 - Issue 11

Thermoplastic Materials Extend Reed Service in Pipe Organs

Pipe organs are among the most highly-complex musical instruments in the world, and require hundreds of hours of craftsmanship to produce. When one pipe organ builder experienced premature failure with their traditional wood reed wedges, we enhanced their design with high-performance thermoplastic materials. The result has been extended service lifetime of their reeds, and less time spent on time-consuming tuning.


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