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The Shooting Star is TriStar's monthly technical brief featuring new products, materials and interesting applications.

Volume 17 - Issue 12

The Chemistry of High Temperature Plastics

It’s a common misconception that polymers can only be used in low temperature applications. There are, however, polymers with properties significantly superior to traditional plastics. These high temperature polymers can withstand temperatures above 275°F (135°C), and in some cases can go much higher than that! In order to perform successfully at high temperatures, a material must have at least two essential characteristics: it must be strong, and it must have resistance to its environment.


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Volume 17 - Issue 11

Rulon J Gets into the Groove

With the return of vinyl records to our lives there has been a surge in new designs for turntables. Gone are the days of misaligned needles on warped platters. Today’s consumer-grade turntable systems are actually better than studio quality devices of the past. One turntable manufacturer came to TriStar with a unique concept that called for a specialized solution...


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Volume 17 - Issue 10

CJ Composites Resist Compression in Valve Stem Applications

A manufacturer that builds high-end ball and check valves has utilized our CJ composite product for critical valve stem bushing applications. CJ filament-wound bushings have a unique lubricant embedded within the surface of the liner material, which makes them essentially maintenance-free.


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Volume 17 - Issue 9

Going with the Flow - Enabling Precise Microfluidics with Plasma

The medical device and diagnostics industry faces many challenges. Some of the challenges involve innovating processes as well as the materials used for the devices themselves. TriStar Plastics Corp. has many years of experience working with diagnostic manufacturing companies to enhance their devices so that ordinary off-the-shelf materials behave like extraordinary materials...


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Volume 17 - Issue 8

CJ Bearings “Go with the Flow” in Water Treatment Applications

Recently, a customer contacted us regarding the valves they use in water and wastewater treatment facilities; they wanted to replace their current metal-backed/fabric-lined bushings because of premature failure caused by corrosion. Read on to learn why CJ Composite Bearings were uniquely suited for this critical application...


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Volume 17 - Issue 7

Ultracomp UC300A is the Ideal Choice for Marine Ferry Systems

The are many designs for ferry systems in North America, and each one is unique in that it is designed to perform specific functions and optimized for its geographic location.  One thing that isn’t unique is the #1 choice of bearings for nearly every one of these systems — Ultracomp 300A. Read on to learn why Ultracomp is the favorite of ferry operators, docking system fabricators, and component suppliers...


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Volume 17 - Issue 6
Rulon W2 Bearings Outpace Chemicals & Corrosion in Pool Cleaners

Rulon W2 Bearings Outpace Chemicals & Corrosion in Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaning components face many adversaries; from corrosive chemicals to UV exposure and debris collection – and not all bearings can resist the hazards of the job. Rulon W2 flange bearings are the exception. Rulon W2 gives superior wear and friction properties, plus corrosion resistance and good thermal dissipation in wet environments...


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Volume 17 - Issue 5

Ultracomp Underwater Bearings Resist Ocean Extremes

An exciting partnership with a major university in the Northwest US has resulted in an all-new cable winch design that uses composite underwater bearings to replace traditional metal. The composites have resisted extreme water temperatures, salt, and depths to outlast their rolling elements bearings; all with near-zero wear after months of ocean immersion...


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Volume 17 - Issue 4

Rulon’s Unique Properties Maximize Stirling Engine Output

From the very simple design concepts of Robert Stirling in 1816 to modern machinery, good sealing technology has been a hallmark of successful engine design. In fact, Dr. Stirling’s basic design principles are still being incorporated into today’s most innovative technology in ways that the great Scottish inventor could never have imagined. But now newer materials like Rulon seals are solving the leakage challenges in next-generation engines...


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Volume 17 - Issue 3

Automotive Racing Bearings: Superior Suspension with Ultracomp 

TriStar Plastics has long been associated with the racing industry at many different levels. We’ve helped to design automotive bearings for F1, off road, NASCAR and even recreational sport vehicles. While each of these are all uniquely different in design and require different levels of performance, they all have one thing in common – suspensions. And that’s where TriStar’s Ultracomp automotive bearing materials come into play...


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Volume 17 - Issue 2

Bearing Certification: Keys to Compliance 

Bearing certification is not a topic that we take lightly at TriStar Plastics. Our engineering team is constantly evaluating our core industrial sectors to ensure that our plastic bearings comply with the critical certificates of proficiency. It all starts with our manufacturing facility, which is ISO 9001 compliant for the manufacture and custom fabrication of self-lubricating bearings, and continues with specific industry agency approvals, including USP, FDA/USDA, NSF, EU, and ABS.


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Volume 17 - Issue 1
 Bearing Manufacturing Trends for 2018  - The Robotics Connection

Bearing Manufacturing Trends for 2018 - The Robotics Connection

The worldwide manufacturing landscape is changing. As we turn the page to 2018, industry analysts note that automation, operational technology, robotics and even cobotics (or collaborative robots) will continue to revolutionize the once-staid bearing manufacturing industry.


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