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Ultracomp® Marine-Grade Bearings Excel at Power Hoisting & Hauling at Sea

A customer approached us when they noticed that the bearings on the pivot points, sliding pads and sheaves of their marine cranes were failing prematurely. This manufacturer supplies the workhorses of the marine power fleet; cranes that hoist and haul at the dockside and in deep water applications on ships and offshore oil rigs.

Marine Applications Call for the Most Rugged of Bearing Materials

Ultracomp UC300A

Marine and offshore lifting applications operate in punishing environments. This calls for materials that can resist saltwater exposure, will not swell or corrode, and can tolerate excessive vibration and loads. Stainless and oil-impregnated bronze bearings simply do not make the cut.

In discussing the problem, our client told us that the previous nylon bearings required regular manual greasing and were prone to swell from moisture exposure, which posed an expensive maintenance challenge. A better bearing solution was needed to improve performance and reduce costs.

Ultracomp Delivers Superior Rotation and Stands up to Punishing Conditions

Our design engineers recommended our Ultracomp UC300A marine-grade bearings as replacements. Ultracomp is a premier bearing material that provides the superior durability, corrosion resistance and compressive strength required of a marine-based crane application.

Ultracomp UC300A bearings contain special fillers that reduce friction levels, so they can easily maneuver despite excessive loads and rotational speeds. Also, UC300A is a self-lubricating material, so these bearings do not require regular maintenance or costly greasing. And Ultracomp bearings can easily handle the impact and vibration requirements of a power lifting application.

Finally, they have been universally accepted by the American Bureau of Shipping for appropriate dockside, mobile offshore drilling and marine facility applications.

Ultracomp Solved the Failure Problem and Continues to Perform Dockside and at Sea

Since switching to composite bearings, our client reports they have increased uptime and production levels, while also reducing overall maintenance costs.

Do you have a bearing wear issue? Have you considered the advantages of self-lubricating composite bearings? Reach out to our technical team to explore the best solutions for your application challenges.

Composite Marine Bearings: No Grease, No Corrosion


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