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1 min read

Rulon 641: Performance from Food Processing to Medical Equipment Manufacturing

The food and medical manufacturing industries share many commonalities; most notably, they operate in environments...

1 min read

(VIDEO) Hyper-Hydrophobic Membranes Repel Liquid like Nobody’s Business

Our Ultraflon M18+ is a hyper-hydrophobic PTFE membrane that can be used to separate gas from liquid. There are...

2 min read

National Robotics Week is Here – Explore the Plastic Bearings Factor

This year National Robotics Week falls on April 6-14 and there are a wide range of activities and events intended to...

1 min read

Defined: Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Oleophilic, Oleophobic & Hygroscopic

When discussing enhanced materials we often use terms like “hydrophilic/hydrophobic” and “oleophilic/oleophobic.” Just...

2 min read

Wettability Defined and Correlation to Bonding

There is usually a good correlation between bonding and wetting. Wettability can be defined as “the ability of a solid...

2 min read

Q&A – Do You Have Any Tips for Annealing Cast Acrylic?

We recently had a customer ask us for some tips on annealing cast acrylic. There are definitely some potential...

2 min read

What are ‘Fluoropolymers’ and What are their Common Attributes

First, a definition: fluoropolymers are a family of plastic resins which are based on fluorine/carbon bonding. The...

2 min read

Slide Bearings for Pipelines and Bridges

Slide plate bearings provide support and a low coefficient of friction while allowing an object to move (or slide)...

2 min read

Ultracomp Grades Decoded

Ultracomp is a family of laminate wound bearing materials with migratory lubricants added to the resin system. All...

2 min read

Thermal Expansion a Key Consideration in Plane Bearing Design

We are all aware that plastics expand and contract at different rates. When designing plastic plane bearings, one of...

2 min read

UHMW 101: From Molecular Weight to Machining

UHMW remains a hot topic here on Tech Talk, and on our Ask the Experts portal, too. Why is this true? For one, the...

2 min read

Q&A Can Composites Replace Bronze Plain Bearings?

If you’re a regular reader of Tech Talk, it will be no surprise that we’re big fans of composite plastics as a...

2 min read

The Dust Stops Here: Which Bearing Types Overcome Dusty Environments?

Dust and debris are a challenge to all bearings. but impact some bearing types more than others. Food processing...

2 min read

Why Choose a Career in Plastics Manufacturing?

Are you a problem solver? I read this interesting article in Design World, which describes manufacturing as one of the...

2 min read

6 Reasons to Choose Filament Wound Composite Bearings

Looking for a tough, durable and versatile bearing for an industrial application? A filament wound composite bearing...

2 min read

8 Simple Rules for Bonding Plastics

Today’s post is designed as a quick list of must-follow rules to help you achieve best results from bonding plastics....

2 min read

Why Choose Plasma Surface Treatment of Plastics to Enhance Adhesion?

Good adhesion of manufactured parts. Whether you want to adhere one part to another, or secure paint to a component,...

2 min read

Rulon Shapes, Forms or Fabrication – Which is Right for You?

Have you heard about the newest Rulon formula, Rulon 1834?  It’s an exciting addition to the Rulon fluoropolymers...

2 min read

What is Bearing Service Life? And Which Qualities Impact it?

We often talk about the importance of bearing service life in this forum, but what exactly is a good standard of...

2 min read

Waterproof Bearings: Why Replace Stainless with Plastic?

“You want to replace tough bronze bearings with plastic?” This was the comment one of our OEMs heard when attempting...

3 min read

Let’s Compare: Metal Bearings vs. Plastic Bearings in Robotics

Have you downloaded your copy of the Robotics and Manufacturing White Paper? It’s a free resource to help you evaluate...

2 min read

Machining UHMW: Why Is Holding Tolerances So Difficult? (GUIDE)

Ever tried to machine UHMW? It’s no easy task given the material’s instability. In fact, UHMW has 12x the expansion...

2 min read

Composite Plain Bearings: 5 Benefits of a Lightweight Material

If you’re a regular reader of this space, you may recall our debate about plain bearing vs. a plane bearing. While the...