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Omniseal / Tristar Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Meldin®

Omniseal Solutions™ is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic distribution agreement with TriStar Plastics Corp. for the exclusive distribution of Meldin® Polyimide stock shape materials for the North American Market.

TriStar Plastics Corp. provides engineering, custom fabrication, and manufacturing of high-performance plastics and self-lubricating bearings materials. TriStar’s capabilities include component design, material selection, prototype, production, manufacturing, and surface modification.

The Company’s principal location is in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, with additional sales and distribution centers in Denver, North Carolina, Yorba Linda, California, and Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

“TriStar Plastics is the exclusive North American distributor for Rulon® Fluoropolymers for more than two decades and have successfully promoted and developed the sales of our product line. TriStar offers fast turnaround times, thereby creating a better customer experience. Their team of experienced engineers combine design skills with TriStar’s extensive product profile to give solutions to the most challenging applications. Their local presence across the territory, as well as their stocking and machining capability, complement Omniseal Solutions’ market reach, bringing a high level of service to local customers,” says Helene Petregne, Business Manager - Industrial & Distribution.

According to Richard Cedrone, CEO of TriStar Plastics Corp., “the addition of the Meldin product line, A family of High-Performance Solutions, will enhance our engineering approach to new business development and complement our dynamic growth of the Rulon product line in North America.

The partnership we have built over the years with Omniseal Solutions exemplifies the trust they have put in us to grow the Meldin line and extend its reach in specialized high temperature applications.”

About Meldin® Polyimides

Meldin® Polyimide material exhibits high dimensional stability at high temperatures and longer life at higher loads and speeds. With Omniseal Solutions™, total control on the process from the powder to the parts is guaranteed. The solutions include bearings, wear components, piston rings, etc. This is in addition to custom shapes, rods, sheets, and tubes. These solutions are found in a multitude of industries such as Aviation, Industrial, Semiconductor, Space, and Life Science.

About Omniseal Solutions™

Omniseal Solutions™ is a global engineering leader with over 65 years of historical legacy, relentlessly dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision sealing and material solutions that protect critical applications in the most demanding environments and passionately driven to push Beyond the Boundaries of Possible™.

To learn more about Omniseal Solutions™

More information about TriStar Plastics Corp., can be found on: www.tstar.com

The “New Meldin®” Opens Up New Possibilities for High-Temperature Polyimides


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