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EMD (Enhanced Materials Division)

Enhanced Materials Division (EMD)

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TriStar Plastics Corp. - Engineered Plastic Solutions

Engineered Plastic Solutions

Your engineering partner from prototype to production

TriStar Plastics Corp. provides engineering, custom fabrication and manufacturing of high-performance plastics and self-lubricating bearings materials. Our capabilities include component design, material selection, prototype, production and manufacturing.

Material Database

Search our database of 450+ plastic materials

Ask The Expert

Engineering assistance & material selection support

Technical Library

Spec sheets, design worksheets, case studies & brochures

Web Store and Portal

Use our upcoming web store to order common sizes of our tier one bearing products.

Access our portal to check on the status of your open orders and to see historical data about past orders.


CJ Bearings

CJ Bearings

CJs excel where long wear and low maintenance matter most



Self-lubricating metal backed system for rigorous applications



Self-lubricating composite for high load, low speed applications

Rulon® Bearings

Rulon® Plane Bearings

Ideal for non-lubricated, high-load applications in punishing environments

Custom Components

Custom Components

Components manufactured to your exact specifications

Rulon Materials

Rulon® Materials

Self-lubricating, high performance bearing materials

Enhanced Materials

Enhanced Materials

Improve & extend the performance of polymers, elastomers, & foams

Stock Shapes

Stock Shapes

Let our experts assist you in choosing the right material for your application

The TriStar Advantage

The TriStar Advantage

At TriStar we have a comprehensive circle of services. Find out what this means for you.