• Service Life & Wear

    Plastic Bearings Routinely Deliver Longer Service

Need a bearing that delivers longer wear to improve equipment uptime? Plastic bearings routinely outperform metal and bronze when it comes to longevity and bearing wear properties. In fact, some heavy-duty materials such as Rulon® tape have a wear resistance that is 500x the industry standard. 

Tribology tests confirm that low-friction plastic materials excel in industrial applications over oil-impregnated bronze materials. Let us show you the power of self-lubricating plastic bearings.

TriStar’s Extended Service Life Solutions

Cj Composite Bearings
CJ Case Studies CJ Videos

Designed as a replacement for bronze, steel, rolling element bearings and even other polymers, CJ is a simple, self-lubricating bearing solution for marine, construction, railroad and other heavy-duty applications. 

Ultracomp Case Studies Ultracomp Videos

Constructed of synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers, Ultracomp delivers in linear, oscillating and rotary applications to give you the best in design flexibility.