• Bonding & Adhesion

    Bonding Plastics Requires Specialized Expertise

Bonding plastics can yield big manufacturing results, but requires unique expertise. Whether bonding plastic to metal, polymers or other materials, look to TriStar’s Surface Modification team to help you improve adhesion properties. We’ll help you get the job done, and we’ll do it all in-house.

With surface modification you can alters the surface energy of plastics to promote better adhesion, produce biocompatibility, create permanent moisture and hydrophobic characteristics, as well as micro-clean and functionalize your components. The process improves the success of secondary processing applications such as painting and assembly so that your products last longer.

TriStar’s Bonding and Adhesion Solutions

Surface Modification
Surface Modification Case Studies Surface Modification Videos

Surface Modification is the combination of physics and chemistry working together to modify materials to enhance surface properties.  TriStar’s Surface Modification Division (SMD)  has pioneered all new techniques to address your toughest surface challenges. 

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When your application calls for Rulon® bearings – you should call for TriStar. With the largest US inventory and multiple distribution centers, we have what you need, when you need it.