• Lubrication

    Plastic Bearings Eliminate Lubrication Failures

Bearing lubrication is the number one cause of bearing failure. And greaseless, self-lubricating plastic bearings are the number one solution to ending lubrication failure.

Without the right level of lubrication, bearings can overheat and wear prematurely, which can significantly increase your maintenance and replacement costs. Failure can result from using the wrong lubricant, applying it insufficiently, or even a total breakdown of grease. Excess grease also attracts dust and other contaminants which reduce the service lifetime of metal bearings.

Put an end to bearing lubrications failure with greaseless plastic bearings. They run dry to reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment uptime. 

TriStar’s Self-Lubricating Solutions

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TriSteel™ are the only bearings to offer a stainless steel substrate and are among the top performing composite bearings. TriSteel bearings are self-lubricating and can withstand the most rigorous of working environments. 

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When your application calls for Rulon® bearings – you should call for TriStar. With the largest US inventory and multiple distribution centers, we have what you need, when you need it.