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    Plastic Bearings are up to 5x Lighter Than Steel

Weight matters in industrial design. With a smaller footprint and up to 5x lighter than steel, plastic bearings let you reduce the overall size and weight of your finished product. They make cars run faster and more fuel-efficiently, and give elite sailing vessels reduced drag and faster speeds.

Plastics offer similar or even superior strength attributes compared to metals, plus they can excel in extreme temperature environments that cause metal bearings to fail. All from a lightweight material that gives engineers more-versatile design options. Explore the benefits of plastic bearings.

TriStar’s Size & Weight Reducing Solutions

Cj Composite Bearings
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Designed as a replacement for bronze, steel, rolling element bearings and even other polymers, CJ is a simple, self-lubricating bearing solution for marine, construction, railroad and other heavy-duty applications. 

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When your application calls for Rulon® bearings – you should call for TriStar. With the largest US inventory and multiple distribution centers, we have what you need, when you need it.