• Noise & Vibration

    Vibration is a Leading Cause of Metal Bearing Failure

Bearing vibration is one of the primary causes of failure in metal bearings. Yet it is a given operating condition in construction, railroad, automotive and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

Where metal bearings slip and corrode from extreme vibration, plastics composites reduce friction levels to tolerate even significant shaft misalignment. Composites never need greasing and eliminate concerns of metal-to-metal/bearing-to-bore contact for longer wear and service life. And they reduce noise levels to promote quiet operation.

When you need a heavy-duty bearing for high-vibration environments, look to plastic composites.

TriStar’s Noise and Vibration Fighting Solutions

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TriSteel™ are the only bearings to offer a stainless steel substrate and are among the top performing composite bearings. TriSteel bearings are self-lubricating and can withstand the most rigorous of working environments. 

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When your application calls for Rulon® bearings – you should call for TriStar. With the largest US inventory and multiple distribution centers, we have what you need, when you need it.