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Composites Offer Long Wear, Grease-Free Maintenance

Equipment uptime is critical in heavy-duty construction, where delays can quickly escalate to millions of dollars in cost overruns.

TriStar bearings help to ensure that backhoes, tractors, excavators and other massive earth movers run at optimum performance at all times.

The secret?

Metal Backed Bearing System – TriSteel™ bearings are located in the gear pumps of primary earth movers, and help to maximize engine and hydraulic system performance.

How do they work?

TriSteels are built from a proprietary polymer and are sintered to a secondary bronze interlayer. This extra layer ensures that the gear pumps are continually lubricated should a liner break-thru occur. And unlike other bearings, TriSteel uses a PEEK instead of PV application, which significantly improves overall wear.

Composite bearings excel in construction:

  • Extended wear to save on maintenance costs
  • Ideal replacement for bronze bushings
  • Choice of standard or metric dimensions for a custom fit

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