• Corrosion

    Eliminate Corrosion with Composite Bearings

In tough industrial applications, you count on your bearings to power through corrosive environments. From abrasive salt water marine applications to tough sanitizing chemicals in food processing equipment, bearings must endure tough operating conditions. Only plastic composites have the stamina to succeed.

Unlike metal and bronze bushings, composite bearings resist virtually all corrosive chemicals. They will never rust, pit or flake. They won’t absorb moisture or liquids, and have a high tolerance for vibration, temperature and misalignment. And best of all, self-lubricating composite bearings help you put an end to costly manual greasing and lubrication. With corrosion-resistant composite bearings, you can lower your maintenance costs and improve bearing performance.     

TriStar’s Corrosion Fighting Solutions

Cj Composite Bearings
CJ Case Studies CJ Videos

Designed as a replacement for bronze, steel, rolling element bearings and even other polymers, CJ is a simple, self-lubricating bearing solution for marine, construction, railroad and other heavy-duty applications. 

Ultracomp Case Studies Ultracomp Videos

Constructed of synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers, Ultracomp delivers in linear, oscillating and rotary applications to give you the best in design flexibility.