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Composite Bearings for Smooth Sailing in Marine Applications

Composite Bearings for Smooth Sailing in Marine Applications


Have a bearing wear challenge in the marine environment? Looking to reduce costly marine maintenance? Sail on over to the experts at TriStar — where our engineers have solved a multitude of challenges for the marine industry:

  • We’ve replaced rolling element bearings and bronze sheaves in marine gear pumps with TriSteel™ bearings - resulting in a significant increase in bearing wear life and decreased maintenance
  • We’ve mounted our CJ bearings aboard bow and stern thrusters — and improved vessel maneuverability and safety
  • We’ve installed our CJ Bearings in residential boat lifts - and have greatly enhanced their function and reliability

Innovative Solutions for Extreme Challenges

With corrosive salt and sea spray, and unruly barnacle growth a constant problem in a marine environment, TriStar designers lead the industry in innovative solutions. We have pioneered the use of galvanic insulators — in place of bronze — to deliver extended wear and reduced maintenance.

Our CJ bearings are highly regarded for their excellent performance in high-load sheaves, davits, winches and cranes, both on board a vessel and at dockside. And CJ bearings are earth-friendly since they are self-lubricating and are derived from a water-soluble process.

TriStar bearings are ideal in marine environments:

  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Self-lubricating
  • Temperature resilient
  • Dimensionally stable in liquids

Boat Lift

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