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1 min read

Tips to Bond Silicone Rubber to Aluminum

By Dave Biering on September 23, 2014

Plasma cleaning of metal parts dramatically increases the success of overmolding.We’ve had a few questions lately about the best method of bonding rubber to aluminum before overmolding. It seems this bonding combination poses a tough challenge. And in many cases, we’re finding that companies want to achieve better bond strength without using harsh solvents. So how can you achieve one without the use of the other? Plasma cleaning is the answer.

Plasma vacuum cleaning prepares metal substrates by removing all contaminants without the use of solvents, and with no damage to the components. Plasma is a one-step and solvent-free process to improve bonding silicone rubber to aluminum ― or virtually any other material combination. Because when you begin with a spotless component you can dramatically increase the success of overmolding. 

You can check out our video for additional information or submit a Surface Modification Design Sheet to submit your specs for a quote. Learn how surface modification can also help prepare polymer substrates for bonding.

Topics: Surface Modification Bonding Plasma Treatment Rubber
1 min read

Q&A: How can I Bond Rulon? See a Demonstration!

By Dave Biering on October 8, 2013

Bonding Rulon® to steel, aluminum and other substrates can be easily achieved, however, surface preparation is critical in order to achieve the best bond strength.  One material that is specially formulated for bonding is Rulon 142, which is etched on one side.  The material was developed primarily for machine tools and is known for superior performance in linear bearings and slides.

Watch this demonstration to learn about the proper techniques for preparing, bonding, and finishing  Rulon 142 and other formulas. 

Or just Ask the Experts in the TriStar Lab for a specific recommendation on your material; we are here to offer assistance!

Topics: Bonding Rulon