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Rulon 641: Performance from Food Processing to Medical Equipment Manufacturing

July 16, 2019

Rulon 641: Performance from Food Processing to Medical Equipment Manufacturing

The food and medical manufacturing industries share many commonalities; most notably, they operate in environments with strict regulations for quality, safety and sanitation.  Processing equipment must be of the highest quality and offer contamination resistance.  Rulon® 641 is the only FDA-cleared material for use in food processing that also has USP Class VI approval for medical applications.

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Spotlight: Medical Plastics and the Biocompatibility Connection

August 29, 2017


I’m just returning from a week of customer visits, and had an interesting discussion with a medical device manufacturer about medical plastics. It seems there’s still some confusion in the marketplace about biocompatibility and certification. Let’s review:

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National Robotics Week and the Medical Plastics Connection

April 5, 2016

Celebrating National Robotics Week with medical plastics, medical bearings.

Did you know that this week marks National Robotics Week? The celebration is designed to honor the US as a leader in robotics technology while building awareness of STEM-related fields. From a bearing design perspective, we’re celebrating how self-lubricating, FDA-compliant medical plastics have advanced the field of surgical robotics. Here’s how:

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Spotlight: USP Medical Plastics and Rulon 1439

February 2, 2016

Rulon 1439 USP bearings in a pharma mixing application

Quality is important in every manufacturing sector. But for the medical and pharma industries, quality manufacturing takes on a new level of urgency. Today we spotlight USP-compliant Rulon 1439 medical plastics in a high-velocity mixing application. This durable material has surpassed every other polymer in this tough environment. 

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Plasma Treatment of Medical Plastics

October 23, 2014

Surgical catheters can slide and maneuver more easily within the body after plasma treatment.  We’ve had many calls recently from the medical community; both medical device and pharma manufacturers seeking to modify their plastic components in their quest to deliver better patient outcomes. And it is truly amazing how simply altering the surface properties of components via vacuum plasma can enhance medical and scientific applications. Surgical catheters, for instance, can slide and maneuver more easily within the body after plasma treatment. And the timed-release of drugs via PEEK and PVC tubes can be achieved more easily after plasma.

This week on Tech Talk we wanted to help you evaluate if plasma treatment is the right choice for your medical application.

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The Science of Plastics: Always Strong

July 31, 2014

TriStar Plastics helped to develop one of the very first carbon-fiber prostheticsYou may have read about the amazing story of Jeff Bauman, the iconic Boston Marathon survivor who recently celebrated the birth of his daughter.  Jeff became a true symbol of “Boston Strong” during that tragic event, and has gone on to inspire millions with his positive attitude.

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Surface Modification in Medical: Two applications, one device?

July 28, 2014

Surface Modification in Medical: Two applications, one device?Q:  Can one device receive two separate treatments?  For instance, we need to modify a medical tube differently in two areas; the upper half of the container must be hydrophobic, while the bottom half remain hydrophilic. Is a dual process possible on a single device?

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Plasma Modification Increases the Grip of a Surgical Device

June 5, 2014

Plasma modification increases the grip of a surgical deviceAn interesting surgical application came through our Surface Modification Lab this week that I wanted to share.  A client complained that the anti-slip grip on the handle of their surgical devices was peeling away.  The defective grip caused a serious quality-control problem.  We were able to increase the bond strength of the grip with plasma treatment:

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Rulon 1439 Now Certified for Medical Disposals!

April 24, 2014

Rulon 1439 is certified for medical bearings and sealsSelf-lubricating bearing material receives USP Class VI compliance

We are pleased to announce that Rulon® 1439 ― an excellent seal and bearing material for medical and pharmaceutical processing ― is now fully-certified for use in medical device disposables, according to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).  USP is an independent public-health organization committed to purity testing for medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements.  Here’s why USP certification is important for medical bearing materials.

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