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Q&A – Do You Have Any Tips for Annealing Cast Acrylic?

August 15, 2018

Do You Have Any Tips for Annealing Cast Acrylic?

We recently had a customer ask us for some tips on annealing cast acrylic. There are definitely some potential pitfalls when working with acrylic in both sheet and finished part form, but following the guidelines outlined below should yield excellent results.

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What is your greatest bearing material challenge?

January 15, 2015

What is your greatest bearing material challenge?A new year with a new twist on Tech Talk! Today we wanted to turn the tables and post a question to you, our readers!

What is your greatest bearing challenge?

Pose your question in our comments section and the Bearing Experts will help you find a solution!

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Q&A - Which Rulon formula is best for a mixing application involving abrasive materials?

June 4, 2013

Pumice Stone - Rulon LRQ: We are working with a client who mixes pumice particles into their liquid ingredients, and they report that exposure to this abrasive material is causing premature wear of the blender bearings.  Is Rulon® a good candidate for this industrial application, and which formula would you recommend?

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Measuring PV For Plane Bearings

September 4, 2012

Will your material work as a plane bearing?

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Turcite Materials – Common Applications

August 7, 2012

Q&A  Can you tell me about the acetal Turcite for industrial use?  What are some common applications?

Turcite™ is a family of materials made from both Acetal resins and PTFE.  The acetal-based Turcite products are known for exhibiting good strength and stiffness, dimensional stability, resistant to abrasion with very low stick-slip in dynamic applications.

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Q&A: Can you suggest a good option for pillow block rolling element bearings?

June 19, 2012

This question reminded me of an interesting application we’ve just completed for vehicle defense barricades using our Ultracomp UC 200 spherical bearings.  The barricades are designed to protect high-security buildings (such as military outposts and government buildings) by blocking speeding vehicles.   Our UC 200 spherical bearings were mounted in the pillow block housing units of the barricades, and are a good solution for similar demanding applications.

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Q&A: High performance and high temperature – which materials make the cut?

June 12, 2012

Here’s a great primer about the different grades of plastics and their ability to remain stable even in the most extreme temperatures. With the right formula in place, we often see plastics that can tolerate temperatures up to 700°.

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Q&A - Techtron PPS

May 15, 2012

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Q&A: Cleaning Metal Parts Prior to Overmolding

April 24, 2012


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