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Q&A: How do I identify which Rulon material I have?

By Dave Biering on January 24, 2012

With over 300 different types of Rulon available, this is a question that we hear quite often.  TriStar is the official North American distributor of Rulon, so we have the in-house experts to help you identify and source the right material for your application.

View our video to learn about identifying the three most commonly-used Rulon materials, or download our Rulon white paper now for more information.  At TriStar, we realize the best performance begins with the right material selection.

Topics: Rulon Materials Rulon Plane Bearings Q&A
1 min read

TriStar Plastics Named Exclusive Distributor by Saint-Gobain

By Richard Cedrone on July 20, 2010

Rulon, Rulon Bearings, Fluoroloy

TriStar Plastics today announced it has been named as the exclusive, North American distributor of the Rulon®, Rulon® Bearings and Fluoroloy® family of bearing products by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. This exclusive agreement is the culmination of a nearly 30-year partnership between TriStar and Saint-Gobain. "We are honored to broaden our relationship with Saint-Gobain through an exclusive parnership agreement," said Richard Cedrone, CEO of TriStar Plastics. "The Rulon solution offers unique benefits to our customers across a broad-range of industries, including food and beverage, agriculture, medical device and manufacturing. This partnership is a natural step in allowing us to better serve our customers."

Rulon and Fluoroloy bearing materials excel in heavy-duty and high-load applications by offering a combination of low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion and corrosion-resistance. They also outperform and outlast other materials, including metal, and are self-lubricating for enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

"At a time when equipment manufacturers are looking for a competitive edge and a way to reduce expenses, TriStar brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the table," said Victor Lapinski, North American Distribution Manager at Saint-Gobains' Seals Division. "Their technical expertise, multiple distribution centers, and commitment to customer service make them an ideal choice and an elite business partner." The agreement is effective immediately.

Rulon - Quality Assurance Begins With Precision Processing

Topics: Rulon Materials Rulon Plane Bearings Announcements
1 min read

Recognizing Quality in PTFE Materials

By Dave Biering on September 29, 2009

Molecular weight and crystallinity are two factors in PTFE that determine many of it's performance qualities. Both of these properties are highly dependant on the sintering operation of the PTFE production. If the material is cooked (sintered) too long or at too high a temperature it can degrade the polymer. Molecular weight is a measure of the polymer chain length and it affects flex life, tensile strength and elongation. As molecular weight increases so do these properties and paying attention to gel temperatures and dwell times during sintering is extra critical.

Crystallinity of PTFE can vary considerably depending on processing. This value can be seen in small variations in the specific gravity although in practice most PTFE materials fall in the 50-60 percent crystalline percentage. Increasing crystallinity decreases flex life, increases compressive stress and decreases recovery values, permeability and wear life. Other properties of PTFE, such as thermal, chemical, electrical and friction, are not generally affected by crystallinity changes.

So, sintering and other processing steps do a make a difference in deterimining the quality of PTFE. If you need to maximize the performance of your PTFE parts, including Rulon, Fluorosint, Ultraflon or even generic products, be sure you contact Tri Star Plastics first. We can help you select the right material and the right process.

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