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Industry Spotlight on Construction Bearings and Lubrication

May 2, 2017

Choose self-lubricating TriSteel bearing to power your construction

Did you get your copy of our Industrial Bearings white paper? We like to think of it as required reading for our manufacturing partners. It provides tips for overcoming the toughest bearing challenges. While the paper covers 10 industries, today we spotlight construction bearings and lubrication failures.

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Construction Bearings: Not Your Garden-Variety

November 13, 2014

Construction Bearings: Not Your Garden-VarietyLooking for a lightweight, reinforced, self-lubricating bearing that excels in a construction application?

So was our partner when they called us to replace the corroded metal bearings on the steering assemblies of their small construction machines. Their metal bearings were failing from constant use and exposure to rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions. A durable, reinforced plastic bearing was needed to increase overall machine productivity.

Which bearing did our client choose?

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CJ Bearings Were Designed for Construction

May 8, 2012

I recently returned from visiting one of our new international distribution partners.   While there, I was asked about the history of our self-lubricating CJ bearings.  Did you know that CJ (or composite journal) bearings were originally designed to meet the needs of the construction industry? 

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Q&A: Which material do you recommend for small construction equipment? Our cast nylon bearings are not lasting as long as we’d like.

April 3, 2012

This question was posed to us from a manufacturer of small excavators, the kind you often see in the consumer rental market.  Cast nylon is a good material for farming and construction, but with some drawbacks when it comes to moisture absorption and UV stability.  Depending on where you use them, nylon is good for cable sheaves, but for pivot points, we recommend these materials for top performance.

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