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Ultracomp Grades Decoded

May 15, 2018

Ultracomp Grades Decoded

Ultracomp is a family of laminate wound bearing materials with migratory lubricants added to the resin system. All Ultracomp bearing materials are high load, low speed materials designed to operate in extreme conditions without additional lubrication.

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Ultracomp Motion Bearings for Vehicle Barricades: A Case Study

September 8, 2015


All bearings are designed for motion, but only a select few motion bearings can stop a 15,000 pound vehicle speeding at 50 MPH on impact — Ultracomp can. With ultimate strength over 54,400 psi, Ultracomp UC 200s have the stamina and agility to instantly “pop” from the ground to deploy anti-ram vehicle barricades. Today on Tech Talk, we’re sharing the details of this unique motion-bearing application we designed for a major defense partner.

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Food Packaging: Plastic Bearings Increase Production of Ice Cream

October 30, 2014

 Plastic Bearings Increase Production of Ice CreamSpeed is the name of the game with any food processing application, since any manufacturing stoppage means lost productivity and lost profits. In the case of ice cream production, the stakes are even higher given perishable diary ingredients and the real risk of contamination. That’s one reason why the country’s leading ice cream producers look to Ultracomp bearings to keep their conveyor systems rolling.

Read on to learn how Ultracomp bearings are keeping the conveyors rolling:

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Paper Industry Places Wet and Dry Demands on Plastic Bearings

October 8, 2014

Paper Industry Places Wet and Dry Demands on Plastic Bearings The paper industry places unique demands on bearings as they must accommodate the extremes of both wet and dry conditions at either end of the manufacturing process. Wet areas include forming and pressing functions, while the drying end includes extremely high temperatures used in paper reeling. And between these points you’ll find vacuum cylinders and pressure screens which utilize various sized trunnion bearings on the support shaft.

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Ultracomp Conveyor Bearings Roll Along for the “Toy of the Century”

September 11, 2014

Ultracomp Conveyor Bearings Roll Along for the “Toy of the Century”Agriculture, railroad, construction and other heavy-duty applications are primary areas for Ultracomp bearings – but did you know that the material also helps the “Toy of the Century” meet their holiday production goals? Here’s how:

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Self-Lubricating Ultracomp Increases Production, Eliminates Maintenance

September 4, 2014

During sugar cane harvest, our partner processes and crushes over 7000 tons of raw sugar cane each day. We teamed up with a major producer of sugar cane to reduce equipment maintenance and save them thousands of dollars in lost production time. 

During sugar cane harvest, our partner processes and crushes over 7000 tons of raw sugar cane each day. The factory operates in 24/7 mode to make the most of the short season, and any shut down or delay in processing can be devastating to the bottom line. Yet our client complained that the sticky sugar substance was causing the metal bearings to fail, and production rates to plummet.

By replacing high-maintenance metal bearings with zero-maintenance Ultracomp 500 bearings on the line’s hydro-mechanical roll presses; our partner realized a significant savings.

Here’s how:

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Ultracomp Bearings and High-Pressure Water Applications

June 26, 2014

Ultracomp Bearings and High-Pressure Water ApplicationsUltracomp bearings have “hit the jackpot” with a recent application for the casino industry featuring a new water/pyrotechnics attraction on the famous Vegas Strip. Why did our partner choose self-lubricating Ultracomp bearings over metal bearings for this rigorous, high-pressure water application?

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Self-lubricating Bearings in Frozen Food Processing

March 4, 2014

Self-lubricating Bearings in Frozen Food ProcessingIncreased conveyor speeds and plant revenue

The month of March is National Frozen Food Month ― which seems like an apt time to share a recent bearing application we solved for a major ice cream producer.   

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Rail Industry Safety and Self-lubricating Bearings

January 14, 2014

Rail industry safety and self-lubricating bearings

I read with interest a new initiative from the Association of American Railroads (AAR) to improve federal safety regulations for tank cars.  The organization is calling for safety upgrades for cars used to transport flammable liquids such as crude oil and ethanol; estimates put the number of such cars at 92,000 nationwide. 

As a longtime supplier of self-lubricating bearings to the rail industry, this is an initiative our team has been working on diligently.  In fact, our Railcar Manufacturing technical paper has become an invaluable resource to many designers, as it delves into bearing innovations to help improve rail safety, reliability and efficiency.  The paper highlights initiatives such as:

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