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1 min read

TriSteel Self-Lubricating Bearings for Automotive Applications

By Dave Biering on September 10, 2013

Self-lubricating Bearings for Automotive ApplicationsAuto design manufacturers are constantly seeking new solutions to help improve the safety and performance of their vehicles.  Innovations in 4-wheel drive controls, CVTs (continuously variable transmissions), clutch systems and dual-mass flywheels are helping to meet those goals.  But these components have also increased the demand for heavy-duty sliding, oscillating and rotary bearings.  TriSteel bearings are designed to excel in automotive applications:

  • Dual-layer design gives many options for outer-shell structural support and polymer liners
  • Self-lubrication gives manufacturers maintenance-free design options
  • Exceptional capacity for tolerating side loads
  • PEEK/Stainless bearings are an excellent substitute for applications in high temperature chemical valves and pumps.
  • Good vibration resistance for auto undercarriage components

Want to learn about other applications for TriSteel bearings?  See our video in the TriStar Video Learning Center to learn more!

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Topics: TriSteel Automotive