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TriSteel Bearings: The Swiss Army Knife of Bearing Materials

June 25, 2015

TriSteel Bearings: The Swiss Army Knife of Bearing Materials

Reinforced TriSteel bearings are the Swiss army knife of bearing materials; they combine unique tools (shells and liners) to give multi-functional performance in many applications. So when a supplier of valves and transformers to the medical, agriculture, and automotive industries needed an all-purpose bearing material, we knew TriSteel was the right fit.

What makes TriSteel bearings so unique? 

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Plastic Bearings and Surface Modification Fill a Dental Design Cavity

March 11, 2015

Self-lubricating TriSteels and plasma treatment improve dental chair designSelf-lubricating TriSteels and plasma treatment improve dental chair design

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Plastic Bearings for the Auto Industry

August 14, 2014

Plastic Bearings for the Auto IndustryI read an interesting article in Forbes about the huge growth of US auto sales for the month of July. It cited a nearly 10% increase in sales over this same period last year. Good news for the US economy, of course, and for the industry as a whole. 

We’ve worked with many auto manufacturers over the years, and are often called on to help them increase the performance and efficiency of their vehicles. Plastic bearings provide a lightweight, yet durable and maintenance-free option over their metal counterparts. Lighter plastic materials deliver better fuel efficiency without any compromise in performance or safety.

Where can plastic bearing make a difference for auto manufacturers? 

Consider these common applications:

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TriSteel Self-Lubricating Bearings for Automotive Applications

September 10, 2013

Self-lubricating Bearings for Automotive ApplicationsAuto design manufacturers are constantly seeking new solutions to help improve the safety and performance of their vehicles.  Innovations in 4-wheel drive controls, CVTs (continuously variable transmissions), clutch systems and dual-mass flywheels are helping to meet those goals.  But these components have also increased the demand for heavy-duty sliding, oscillating and rotary bearings.  TriSteel bearings are designed to excel in automotive applications:

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Choosing a Reinforced Plane Bearing Material: What to consider?

August 27, 2013

TriSteel Bearing SelectionWhich liner material is best for my application?

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New Self-lubricating Bearings: TriSteel P4 Reinforced for High Speeds, Variable Loads and Extreme Temperatures

August 20, 2013

Rulon P4 - Shock AbsorbersAnnouncing the newest addition to the TriSteel reinforced bearing product line ― TriSteel P4.  Featuring a new liner and geometry ID, P4 addresses wear problems that are common in high-velocity reciprocating and rotary applications.  The product also corrects shaft misalignment by spreading loads evenly over the full surface of the bearing, rather than just the ends. Initial test results show friction coefficients as low as 0.04 dynamically and statically, which can help eliminate stick slip and keep running speeds constant.

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