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Q&A - How Do Self-Lubricating Bearings Lubricate?

April 4, 2017

How Self-Lubricating Bearings Lubricate

Self-lubricating bearings can lower your bearing maintenance costs without sacrificing performance. But have you ever wondered how they lubricate? There are two common systems for lubrication; smearing systems and debris systems which contribute to the surface finish. Here’s a review:

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Self-Lubricating Bearings for Steel Manufacturing?  Here’s How One Company Saved Millions

December 22, 2015

Self-Lubricating Bearings for Steel Manufacturing

Time is money. It is an old cliché, but one that still rings true in the manufacturing sector. So when a major steel manufacturer reported that they projected saving millions by simply replacing their manually-lubricated bushings with self-lubricating composites, we had to share their story. Here’s how they did it:

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Plastic Bearings: The Official Sponsor of Winter Activities

December 10, 2014

Plastic Bearings: The Official Sponsor of Winter ActivitiesSelf-lubricating bearings withstand tough winter applications

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Q&A: Can you suggest a maintenance-free bearing for a quarry application?

November 18, 2014

CJ Bearings - A maintenance-free bearing for quarry applicationsToday’s question comes straight from our Ask the Experts portal. An engineer needs maintenance-free bearings for a high-load/low-speed application on the pivot points of a gate valve which is used to dispense crushed aggregate in a limestone quarry. Whether you call it a maintenance-free bearing, zero-maintenance, or even self-lubricating, plastic bearings offer many benefits for a quarry environment.

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CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine Navigation

September 25, 2014

CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine NavigationAn interesting application for marine navigational equipment came through our lab recently when we partnered with the manufacturer of a self-steering rudder. This auxiliary helm application was the perfect match for CJ bearings, which are among the best for chemical and salt-water tolerance.

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Ultracomp Conveyor Bearings Roll Along for the “Toy of the Century”

September 11, 2014

Ultracomp Conveyor Bearings Roll Along for the “Toy of the Century”Agriculture, railroad, construction and other heavy-duty applications are primary areas for Ultracomp bearings – but did you know that the material also helps the “Toy of the Century” meet their holiday production goals? Here’s how:

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Self-Lubricating Ultracomp Increases Production, Eliminates Maintenance

September 4, 2014

During sugar cane harvest, our partner processes and crushes over 7000 tons of raw sugar cane each day. We teamed up with a major producer of sugar cane to reduce equipment maintenance and save them thousands of dollars in lost production time. 

During sugar cane harvest, our partner processes and crushes over 7000 tons of raw sugar cane each day. The factory operates in 24/7 mode to make the most of the short season, and any shut down or delay in processing can be devastating to the bottom line. Yet our client complained that the sticky sugar substance was causing the metal bearings to fail, and production rates to plummet.

By replacing high-maintenance metal bearings with zero-maintenance Ultracomp 500 bearings on the line’s hydro-mechanical roll presses; our partner realized a significant savings.

Here’s how:

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From fresh-water meters to chemical tanks, W2 excels in liquids

August 20, 2014

Submerged Water Bearings:  Rulon W2 From Fresh Water to Chemical TanksSummer seems an appropriate time to talk water ― given the seasonal spike in municipal water demands plus the need for the chemical treatment of pools ― the market for liquid-submersion bearings is high at this time of year. And no bearing material performs better in diverse liquid applications than Rulon W2.

A filled-PTFE can be used in a wet application? You might be asking this very question, since filled-PTFEs are generally reserved for dry applications only. But Rulon W2 has a unique additive that gives it stability when wet. The material delivers one of the best wear and friction rates, plus good thermal dissipation for a superior bearing lifespan. 

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Summertime and the Email Inbox: What have I missed?

July 15, 2014

6)	Summertime and the Email Inbox:  What have I missed?

Between vacations, long weekends and seasonal outings, the summertime email inbox can get a bit… neglected.   But have no fear; we’ve prepared this blog entry as a catch-up to some of the bearing resources you may have missed.  Consider this post as the “Cliff Notes” version of self-lubricating bearings, with information designed to help you educate and evaluate.

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