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Q&A:  Oil & Gas Bearings: Which Material Provides Longest Service?

December 20, 2016


Our client needed a durable replacement for their failing carbon graphite oil and gas bearings for compressors used in oil fracking. Service requirements were arduous, including extreme loads, thermal expansion, and wide temperatures – all in a demanding 24/7 service environment. Which material provided the longest service over carbon graphite? Rulon 945 was the clear winner, based on these attributes:

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Rulon 945 Improves Oil & Gas Compressor Performance

June 11, 2014

Rulon 945 Improves Oil & Gas Compressor PerformanceThe oil and gas industry has high demands for bearings.  Extreme temperatures and high loads, near-constant use, plus the increasing scrutiny of the industry’s impact on the environment are all top-of-mind.   Historically, carbon graphite and glass-filled bearings have been the preferred materials, but Rulon® 945 is now the preferred choice for oil and gas compressors. 

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Q&A - Rulon Bearings Excel in Oil Industry Applications

March 18, 2014

Rulon Bearings Excel in Oil Industry ApplicationsWe’ve received many comments on our recent technical brief about the use of Rulon® bearings in oil hydrofracking. We were also asked the following question:

How do Rulon bearings compare to carbon and glass-filled bearings in the oil and gas industry?

The short answer is that Rulon outperforms standard bearings in extreme oil and gas applications ― they are even located on the slide pads of the Alaskan pipeline.  And one formula, Rulon 945, has extended the bearing lifespan in non-lubricated compressors from 3-4 months to 2-3 years.

Here’s how:

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Bearings for the Oil and Gas Industry: Why Rulon 945?

January 21, 2014

Rulon 945 for Oil and GasI was recently asked about sourcing bearing materials for the demanding oil and gas industry, and decided this would make a good addition to our video learning center.

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