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Marine Bearings Bust Rust:  A Case Study

July 12, 2016

Marine Crane Bearings Bust Rust:  A Case Study

Did you know that corrosion is the second leading cause of bearing failure in industrial equipment? It’s a topic that we review in great detail in our new bearing failure technical guide. While it’s true that rust and corrosion can occur in any industrial environment, marine bearings are particularly prone given a tough working environment of salt water submersion, not to mention exposure to sea salt spray and UV rays. Together these factors can doom traditional metal bearings, but are no match for composite materials as we explore in this marine crane case study...

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Composite Marine Bearings: No Grease, No Corrosion

March 1, 2016

Composite Marine Bearings: No Grease, No Corrosion

We had a great call with a marine designer who wanted to review options for marine bearings. Like many engineers, she was reluctant to replace traditional metal marine bearings with “new” composite materials. But once we reviewed that composites require no grease and will never corrode ― plus some formulas are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping ― we had a new bearing partner. 

Here’s how composite marine bearings beat metal and bronze bushings aboard luxury yachts:

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5 Ways Plastic Marine Bearings Are Better Than Metal

May 21, 2015

5 Ways Plastic Marine Bearings Are Better Than Metal

I wanted to share an interesting boating statistic I read this week ― according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), over 95% of powerboats sold in the US are also made in the US! And given the excellent reviews of plastic marine bearings, there’s also a good chance that those powerboats incorporate durable plastic bearings over traditional metal. 

Given we’re at the height of boating season and with the industry projecting its third consecutive year of steady growth, the time is right to review how plastic marine bearings are better than metal: 

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Marine Bearings Give Lift to Luxury Yachts

December 18, 2014

Marine Bearings Give Lift to Luxury YachtsMoving expensive luxury yachts and fishing trawlers is an extremely rugged, yet delicate marina function. The crane lifts must be strong enough to hold the extreme weight of vessels, yet precise enough to give crane operators dexterity when moving from storage to sea. 

Ultracomp marine bearings deliver on both accounts. 

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Marine Bearings Sail the Seas Corrosion Free

October 13, 2014

Would Christopher Columbus have chosen plastic marine options when he sailed the ocean blue?  In honor of the great explorer Christopher Columbus, this week we wanted to pay homage to the versatile marine bearing. Strong, lightweight and durable, and with the ability to resist the corrosive effects of salt water, fog and sea spray, plastic marine bearings are built to last.

But what makes for a good marine bearing? In many cases, reinforced materials are a good option. Here are just a few examples of where reinforced plastic bearings have made a difference in marine applications.

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CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine Navigation

September 25, 2014

CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine NavigationAn interesting application for marine navigational equipment came through our lab recently when we partnered with the manufacturer of a self-steering rudder. This auxiliary helm application was the perfect match for CJ bearings, which are among the best for chemical and salt-water tolerance.

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Waterproof Bearings: CJ resists corrosion and moisture

July 22, 2014

Composite CJ bearings resists corrosion and moistureIs corrosion a problem in your marine bearing application?

Are excessive loads or speeds a challenge?

Need a material to resist sea spray, barnacle growth and other water hazards?

We have the answer to these marine bearing challenges.

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Meet TriStar’s Business Development Manager

May 27, 2014

Judy Cedrone - TriStar PlasticsJudy Cedrone solves bearing challenges and gives industry insight

“I love helping our engineering clients solve their tough bearing challenges,” says Judy Cedrone, Business Development Manager at TriStar Plastics, “and in this position, no two days ― or two applications ― are ever the same,” she adds with a smile.  

Serving over 70 industries for more than three decades, the TriStar team has mastered every type of bearing application ― from replacing tried-and-true automotive brake bearings to fabricating high-performance bearings for elite America’s Cup vessels.   “There is so much innovation in the marine industry right now,” says Judy, “and self-lubricating bearings such as the Ultracomp 300A give marine engineers an unbeatable combination of extended service and corrosion resistance for superior design flexibility.”
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