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2 min read

Composite Marine Bearings: No Grease, No Corrosion

By Dave Biering on March 1, 2016

Composite Marine Bearings: No Grease, No Corrosion

We had a great call with a marine designer who wanted to review options for marine bearings. Like many engineers, she was reluctant to replace traditional metal marine bearings with “new” composite materials. But once we reviewed that composites require no grease and will never corrode ― plus some formulas are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping ― we had a new bearing partner. 

Here’s how composite marine bearings beat metal and bronze bushings aboard luxury yachts:

Our new partner builds luxury yachts for a niche market of discriminating clients. Their vessels command a price tag of millions, and are built to exacting standards. Just as their clients demand only the best amenities, this yacht designer demands only the best bearing materials. Composite bearings provide longer service life than bronze bushings, will never corrode and easily resist the effects of corrosive sea and salt water. They are also easier to maintain, since they are self-lubricating and don’t need regular greasing that metal bearings need. 

Composite bearings excel in linear, oscillating and rotary applications with high-loads. They are even installed aboard America’s Cup vessels!

Where will you find composite bearings on luxury yachts?

Transom doors and pivot points
Sliding decks and water-level hatches deploy more evenly with composite bearings, since they remain dimensionally sable in liquid
Bow and stern thrusters
Composite bearings resist salt water corrosion to improve the propulsion and maneuverability 
Gear pumps
Composite bearings as a replacement for rolling element bearings and bronze sheaves in marine gear pumps
Rudder bearings
Ultraflon materials resist vibration for smoother sailing in rough seas
Dockside use
Composite never rust or pit from extended use at the docks. They give longer service in marine cranes, sheaves, davits and winches.

Another key benefit of composite bearings, and one that I feel is often underrated, is that the materials resist damaging UV rays. Given prolonged sun exposure, it’s good to know that the bearings won’t degrade over time.

The bottom line for this luxury yacht builder? Composite bearings give industry certification, grease-free service and no corrosion to luxury yachts.

Sail on over to the marine bearing experts to review composite bearings for your marine application!

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Topics: Marine Bearings
1 min read

Waterproof Bearings: CJ resists corrosion and moisture

By Dave Biering on July 22, 2014

Composite CJ bearings resists corrosion and moistureIs corrosion a problem in your marine bearing application?

Are excessive loads or speeds a challenge?

Need a material to resist sea spray, barnacle growth and other water hazards?

We have the answer to these marine bearing challenges.

The CJ bearing system might be the right fit ― it has even performed on elite America’s Cup vessels.  Designed as a replacement for bronze, steel, rolling element bearings and even other polymers, CJ is a simple, self-lubricating bearing solution for marine, construction, railroad and other heavy-duty applications.  Consider CJ bearings when loads are above 15,000 PSI and speeds are between 0-400 feet per minute.

CJ bearings NEVER absorb water, and excel in these marine environments:

Naval submarines

  • Fairwater plane pivot bearings

Self-unloading barges

  • Loading/unloading boom pivot bearings

Off-shore oil rigs

  • Spherical bearings on pipe handling devices
  • Door pivots on water bomber loading doors

Inboard/outboard motor

  • Stern drive pivot points – variable pitch prop pivots

Sail boats

  • Rudder bearings

Water attractions

  • Underwater animatronics and other entertainment applications

Explore the benefits of CJ bearings in our new video (below), or sail on over to the Materials Database for additional tech specs!

Topics: CJ Bearings Composite Bearings Marine Bearings
1 min read

Meet TriStar’s Business Development Manager

By Dave Biering on May 27, 2014

Judy Cedrone - TriStar PlasticsJudy Cedrone solves bearing challenges and gives industry insight

“I love helping our engineering clients solve their tough bearing challenges,” says Judy Cedrone, Business Development Manager at TriStar Plastics, “and in this position, no two days ― or two applications ― are ever the same,” she adds with a smile.  

Serving over 70 industries for more than three decades, the TriStar team has mastered every type of bearing application ― from replacing tried-and-true automotive brake bearings to fabricating high-performance bearings for elite America’s Cup vessels.   “There is so much innovation in the marine industry right now,” says Judy, “and self-lubricating bearings such as the Ultracomp 300A give marine engineers an unbeatable combination of extended service and corrosion resistance for superior design flexibility.”

Judy recently celebrated her 26th year at TriStar, and has held several positions within sales and management.  She notes that she is just one of many employees with long tenure at TriStar, “Our customers are amazed at the continuity of care they receive from TriStar; even years after their initial contact with us, they can usually reach the same person to answer any questions.”   

Beyond helping customers solve tough engineering challenges, Judy loves “nature, hiking, and virtually all water activities ― especially kayaking,” from her base in North Carolina.  And she has a real soft spot for rescue dogs.  But it is her latest canine addition, Savannah, who has stolen Judy’s heart!

To find out how self-lubricating bearings can help your businessget in touch with Judy!
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