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1 min read

Waterproof Bearings: CJ Resists Corrosion and Moisture

Is corrosion a problem in your marine bearing application?

Are excessive loads or speeds a challenge?

Need a material to resist sea spray, barnacle growth and other water hazards?

We have the answer to these marine bearing challenges.

The CJ bearing system might be the right fit ― it has even performed on elite America’s Cup vessels.  Designed as a replacement for bronze, steel, rolling element bearings and even other polymers, CJ is a simple, self-lubricating bearing solution for marine, construction, railroad and other heavy-duty applications. Consider CJ bearings when loads are above 15,000 PSI and speeds are between 0-400 feet per minute.

CJ bearings NEVER absorb water, and excel in these marine environments:

  • Naval submarines - Fairwater plane pivot bearings
  • Self-unloading barges - Loading/unloading boom pivot bearings
  • Off-shore oil rigs - Spherical bearings on pipe handling devices, door pivots on water bomber loading doors
  • Inboard/outboard motor - Stern drive pivot points – variable pitch prop pivots
  • Sail boats - Rudder bearings
  • Water attractions - Underwater animatronics and other entertainment applications

Explore the benefits of CJ bearings in our video (below), or sail on over to the Materials Database for additional tech specs!