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Chlorine, Corrosion and the PTFE Bearing Connection: A Case Study

Chlorine, Corrosion and the PTFE Bearing Connection: A Case Study

Our recent post on PTFE and Rulon in water applications generated some solid interest. Today I want to share a case study of how PTFE-based bearings have resisted corrosion in a submerged chlorine tank as a replacement for Torlon ― all despite the fact that PTFE is not generally recommended for chemical exposure.

Corrosion is the second-leading cause of bearing failure, following right behind lubrication. It manifests as flaking and peeling, pitting and rust. Some key sources of corrosion include hard gases and strong chemical forces, or even simple water spray.

Challenge: Torlon bearing corrosion in a chlorine tank

As a general rule, we do not recommend PTFE for any type of chemical environment, since the chemicals can degrade bearing coatings. Our client shared how their Torlon polyamide-imide (PAI) components experienced surface deterioration from a combination of submerged chemical exposure and metal-to-metal contact. This application was for moving parts used in tanks filled with thousands of gallons of chlorine water. As the PAI bearing failed from chemical corrosion, they posed an expensive replacement challenge.

Solution: Rulon W2 performance improves when wet

Our engineering team tested the mechanical properties of the running hardware, and recommended Rulon W2 for its excellent wear life. Rulon is compatible with most water applications, including slurry, DI, fresh and salt water, plus chemical liquids with a full PH range. And unlike Torlon, Rulon does not absorb moisture to give longer wear. The material runs so well in fact, it’s DWGV-certified (European) for drinking water applications.

Our client now reports that Rulon W2 has provided several years of maintenance-free operation at a lower cost than Torlon. Explore the importance of sourcing genuine Rulon products.

Consider Rulon W2 for:

  • Zero moisture absorption
  • Limited regular maintenance
  • Value-driven replacement for PAI
  • Longer service life in wetted environments

Could Rulon W2 work in your submerged application? Connect with the Rulon Experts for a full comparison.