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Increasing adhesion on hard-to-bond materials like Delrin

Blog 20121204Question: How do I bond Delrin to other materials?

Delrin (also known as Acetal, Polyocymethylene (POM), polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde) is an engineered polymer that is commonly used in the manufacturing of precision parts.  It is a fairly rigid plastic that exhibits low friction and maintains good dimensional stability and good abrasion resistance.  It also has low moisture absorption, good heat resistance, and (like most plastics) is a good dielectric.

Unfortunately, like many engineered and high performance polymers, it can be very difficult to bond, especially with conventional adhesives.  However, Delrin can be made easily bondable with any number of simple pretreatments such as chemical etching, flame treatment, or surface roughening (abrasion).  Of these treatments, the most effective is a plasma treatment to clean and functionalize the material.  Although a corona treatment can be effective, it does not offer the same level of uniformity or treatment lifetime that can be achieved with a low-pressure (vacuum) plasma treatment.  In the case of Delrin, and many other engineered or high-performance polymers, an oxygen plasma treatment may be all that is required to make the material bondable with conventional epoxies, urethanes, or cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Is Delrin right for your next application?  Consult our Experts to find out more!