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Bearing Materials and Tribology Testing

Posted by Dave Biering

November 4, 2014

Blog_20141104I had an interesting conversation with a manufacturer this week regarding bearing materials and tribology testing. With so many counterfeit bearing materials on the market, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are using genuine materials before you begin manufacturing to avoid application problems down the line.

In our call we spoke of the number of processors claiming to sell quality, original materials, yet in many cases, the materials are actually a blend of poor-quality resins. To complicate the situation even further, the counterfeits often look and feel just like the real deal. How can you avoid falling victim to these lesser materials? Consider the advantages of tribology testing to guarantee true authenticity.

Tribology characterizes the friction, lubrication and wear properties of polymers to predict how they will perform. Tribology also helps you comply with important industry standards such as EN, ASTM, CPSC and others. The testing is particularly critical in the medical, pharma and food processing industries where authenticity and sanitation must be guaranteed.

Look to Tribology testing to help you:

  • Guarantee that the material you purchase is authentic
  • Identify any material defects before production begins
  • Protect the end user of your product from underperforming bearings
  • Eliminate shipping defective products
  • Avoid costly product recalls

Want to explore the 7 key tribology tests that are required for polymer characterization? Download your free copy of our white paper, Rulon Bearings: How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit.

Tribology is just one of many analytical services that we offer. We can help you identify and validate any plastic material, and predict how it will operate in real-world conditions. Just Ask the Experts for a quote!

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