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Composite Bearings Extend Operation for The Rail Industry

September 15, 2015

Railroad track maintenance equipment

Did you know that US rail industry boasts over 70,000 miles of track? At TriStar, we’ve provided composite bearings to the rail industry for decades (see the railroad video), to help improve rail safety. From brake and caliper beams, to track clearing and railcar wash systems, composite bearings have the long-term durability and corrosion resistance that can’t be matched by bronze, steel and other bearing materials. 

Here’s how we helped a manufacturer of rail clearing equipment optimize performance.

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Ask the Expert: Finding the Right Automotive Bearing

March 25, 2014

Finding the Right Automotive BearingQ: We supply gear and strut components to auto manufacturers and need a versatile bearing for high-speed reciprocating and rotary applications. Durability, performance and price are all key factors. Any recommendations? 

A: Your best bet is a material with stainless steel substrates ― and TriStar is the only plastics company to manufacture them. A reinforced bearing material will protect your machinery in the rare instance of a shell breakthrough. You may consider…

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Rail Industry Safety and Self-lubricating Bearings

January 14, 2014

Rail industry safety and self-lubricating bearings

I read with interest a new initiative from the Association of American Railroads (AAR) to improve federal safety regulations for tank cars.  The organization is calling for safety upgrades for cars used to transport flammable liquids such as crude oil and ethanol; estimates put the number of such cars at 92,000 nationwide. 

As a longtime supplier of self-lubricating bearings to the rail industry, this is an initiative our team has been working on diligently.  In fact, our Railcar Manufacturing technical paper has become an invaluable resource to many designers, as it delves into bearing innovations to help improve rail safety, reliability and efficiency.  The paper highlights initiatives such as:

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Railcar Bearings – “Where the Rail Meets the Steel”

November 19, 2013

Ultracomp Railcar BearingsWe were recently approached by a railcar manufacturer looking for a versatile bearing material, one that would excel in a number of rail applications.  They needed to improve the performance of their wheels, axels and bearings ― the key moving parts that must work together seamlessly.   While there are many materials that can tolerate the extreme vibration, impact and corrosion demands of a rail application, Ultracomp is perhaps the most versatile.  It is currently in use in rail applications ranging from bumpers and slide pads, to door bushings and slides, wear plates, emergency handbrakes and even switching boxes.

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Trilon FR – For extended use and flame resistance

September 18, 2012

Trilon excels in Rail applications and gives flame resistance

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Download our new Railcar Manufacturing White Paper!

July 10, 2012

Learn how composite bearings and polymer fabricated parts excel aboard rail applications

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Ultracomp gives excellent fire-resistance… and so much more

September 27, 2011

Fire remains a primary design consideration for many of our clients, particularly those designing for underground transit and rail systems, coal mining and other fire-sensitive users.  Our Ultracomp bearings are well-suited to resist fire, and are currently aboard the brakes, couplers, and undercarriage components of major US transit systems.  The UC 200 FR bearing contains a specially-treated resin to resist fire.  Click here to read about UC200 in a major transit system.

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