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Machining UHMW: Why Is Holding Tolerances So Difficult? (GUIDE)

October 10, 2017

Machining UHMW: Why Is Holding Tolerances So Difficult?

Ever tried to machine UHMW? It’s no easy task given the material’s instability. In fact, UHMW has 12x the expansion rate of steel. Controlling heat with the right coolant and tools is critical. Let’s review some techniques:

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Trilon Modified UHMW – Ideal for Custom Components

April 10, 2014

Trilon AR and FRA question was recently posted to our portal asking about Trilon as a custom component.  Trilon is a modified-UHMW that gives superior wear in highly-abrasive environments. The material is available in variety of formulas, and can be fabricated in the field, or easily customized in-house using carbide or diamond tools.  Trilon excels in industries where durability and longevity matter; including mining, pulp and paper, and timber handling.  Explore our Railroad White Paper to review how custom Trilon FR components delivered superior fire resistance to a mass transit system.

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