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1 min read

Trilon Modified UHMW – Ideal for Custom Components

By Dave Biering on April 10, 2014

Trilon AR and FRA question was recently posted to our portal asking about Trilon as a custom component.  Trilon is a modified-UHMW that gives superior wear in highly-abrasive environments. The material is available in variety of formulas, and can be fabricated in the field, or easily customized in-house using carbide or diamond tools.  Trilon excels in industries where durability and longevity matter; including mining, pulp and paper, and timber handling.  Explore our Railroad White Paper to review how custom Trilon FR components delivered superior fire resistance to a mass transit system.

Both Trilon AR and FR give nearly double the wear life of virgin acetal, and up to four times the wear  of nylon.  And since Trilon has a dynamic friction of just .07, the material requires less energy to drive systems ― which can help lower your operating costs. 

Look to Trilon for:

  • Lightweight alternative to stainless steel (8x lighter)
  • Self-lubricating properties that “polish” mating materials to reduce friction
  • Abrasion, moisture and all-weather tolerance
  • Lower operating costs

Ask our design Experts for a quote on Trilon custom components today!

Topics: UHMW Trilon Custom Bearings