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Q&A - What is a sleeve bearing?

May 20, 2014

Sleeve BearingThis is a simple question that is worth repeating.  Sleeve bearings are the most common type of plane bearing, and are suitable for use in a range of applications.   Sleeve bearings are designed to carry linear, oscillating or rotating shafts, and function via a sliding action.  Plain and sleeve bearings are often compact and lightweight, and generally offer good value.   To compare various bearing configurations, see our recent post on common bearing types.    Where are sleeve bearings found?  

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Common Types of Plastic Bearings

April 29, 2014

Types of plastic bearingsOur plastic bearing blog has covered hundreds of topics over the years ― everything from questions on the surface energy of plastics to the advantages of high-performance bearings aboard America’s Cup.   This week we wanted to take a “back-to-basics” approach by reviewing some of the common types of plastic bearings.

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