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Volume 16 - Issue 2

Manufacturers: Are you ready to solve common bearing challenges and improve output?

Get the Industrial Bearings White Paper to explore how plastic bearings are overcoming lubrication failure, corrosion, fatigue and other top challenges to improve manufacturing output.

The paper spotlights case studies in 10 key industries.


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Volume 16 - Issue 1

Composite Bearings Resist Fine Particulate in Food Packaging

In the food packaging arena, the in-line equipment has to run like clockwork. Pumps, valves, conveyors, pick-and-place robots – all working at high speeds and demanding the highest-level of reliability. Traditional manufacturing and packaging solutions such as bronze bushings require cleaning and maintenance that is both time and labor intensive. Composites deliver a cleaner bearing without the added expense of applying food-grade grease


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Volume 15 - Issue 12

Pharma Packaging: Guide Bearings Help Support Sanitation

One of the leading concerns of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is purity in processing.  As drugs make their way through the production and packaging areas, the risk of contamination is all too real.  But bearing suppliers like TriStar are heeding the call by making products which help to eliminate direct contact between drug and equipment. 


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Volume 15 - Issue 11

Thermoplastic Materials Extend Reed Service in Pipe Organs

Pipe organs are among the most highly-complex musical instruments in the world, and require hundreds of hours of craftsmanship to produce. When one pipe organ builder experienced premature failure with their traditional wood reed wedges, we enhanced their design with high-performance thermoplastic materials. The result has been extended service lifetime of their reeds, and less time spent on time-consuming tuning.


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Volume 15 - Issue 10

Rulon Aerospace Materials: Making Water Out of Air

A fresh water supply is a critical need aboard orbiting manned spacecraft. Yet with the end of regular space shuttle flights, also came the end of regular water delivery. Now water ― which once cost $25,000 per gallon to deliver by resupply shuttle ― is produced right onboard from recycled waste products.   And it’s all thanks to a unique compressor system equipped with Rulon aerospace materials which turns the CO2 waste into H20. 


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Volume 15 - Issue 9

Plasma Surface Treatment Solves a Sticky Food Problem

Any home baker can attest to the challenge of working with tough, sticky dough that adheres to their pans. But just imagine commercial kitchens facing that same challenge, only magnified by thousands of batches of dough each day.  It’s a sticky problem that has a direct impact on the quality of finished baked goods, and the total output of commercial kitchens.


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Volume 15 - Issue 8

A Reinforced Bearing Design Reduces Forklift Friction Failure

Our partner had a significant production problem when the sealed ball bearings in their forklift mast roller would freeze due to lubrication failure. This caused the mast bearings to seize and wear out the roller unit. It required some simple design changes, which actually downsized the bearing, but eliminated the root problem of lubrication failure.


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Volume 15 - Issue 7

Waterproof Bearings are Industry Certified to Excel

The American Bureau of Shipping leads the way in setting product safety standards for the marine equipment industry. Components ranging from gear boxes and pipe fittings to cranes and winches have passed the rigid certification standards of ABS ― yet not all marine bearings have. Ultracomp waterproof bearings are among the select.

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Volume 15 - Issue 5

Rulon 1439: Improving Blood Pump Circulation

For years, hospitals have looked to traditional peristaltic pumps to manage patients’ blood flow while in the OR. While these devices have worked successfully, we’re proud to partner with a company that is bringing blood circulation technology to the next level...

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Volume 15 - Issue 4
Volume 15 - Issue 4

PTFE vs. Fluoroloy H in Microwave Connectors - Which is Better?

When designing for any microwave or RF application, thermal transfer properties and dielectric values — along with price  are all chief considerations. Historically, virgin PTFE (Teflon®) has been the go-to material based on high performance and low cost. Until now.

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Volume 15 - Issue 3
Volume 15 - Issue 3

High-Temperature Ultraflon Bearings Reduce Repair Costs by 3X

Our aluminum processing partner discovered the longevity and cost benefits of Ultraflon high-temperature bearings when they replaced them with less-costly bronze.  The wear bearings are found on the aluminum smelters’ breaker bar cylinders in the heating pots (or furnaces).  Within weeks of installing bronze, their repair costs tripled as the lower-quality bronze succumbed to heat corrosion.

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Volume 15 - Issue 2
Volume 15 - Issue 2

Rulon J Powers Green Energy Compressors for Billions of Cycles

As consumers call for more green energy solutions, manufacturers are responding with innovative home systems that can turn natural gas to electricity. And the leading builder of these systems has chosen Rulon J seals and guide rings exclusively to power their key components. Initial tests prove that Rulon J bearings can cycle through billions of strokes – or many years of continuous service  with virtually zero bearing wear.

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