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Food Safety and Sanitation: 4 Ways Processors Can Improve Compliance

July 19, 2016

Food Safety and Sanitation: 4 Ways Processors Can Improve Compliance

Food safety and sanitation issues continue to dominate industry news this season, and many headlines are aimed directly at consumers. Did you know that the USDA is pledging to share more data from their inspections of processing and slaughter facilities? Read about it here in Food Safety Magazine. Given this increased level of consumer scrutiny, we’ve got four tips to help food and meat processors improve compliance with food safety and sanitation regulations.

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Marine Bearings Bust Rust:  A Case Study

July 12, 2016

Marine Crane Bearings Bust Rust:  A Case Study

Did you know that corrosion is the second leading cause of bearing failure in industrial equipment? It’s a topic that we review in great detail in our new bearing failure technical guide. While it’s true that rust and corrosion can occur in any industrial environment, marine bearings are particularly prone given a tough working environment of salt water submersion, not to mention exposure to sea salt spray and UV rays. Together these factors can doom traditional metal bearings, but are no match for composite materials as we explore in this marine crane case study...

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Bearing Failure Analysis: 4 Tell-Tale Signs that Indicate Damage

July 5, 2016

Metal bearing failure analysis: corrosion, brinelling

Have you downloaded your copy of our white paper on bearing failure analysis? It’s an in-depth (and free!) review to help you not only understand the causes of bearing failure, but explore key tips for avoiding it in the first place. Check out these 4 tell-tale signs to determine if your industrial bearings are damaged to the point of near failure...

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What is Plasma Treatment? Here’s How it Works

June 28, 2016

What is Plasma Treatment? Here’s How it Works.

In honor of this recent commencement season, today we’re sharing a lesson right from our bearing resource center, TriStar University. Here’s a back-to-basics review of how plasma treatment works. Essentially, plasma treatment is a low-pressure gas process that removes all traces of organic contamination to improve the outcomes of secondary applications. 

Here’s how it works:

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Storage of Rulon: How long will the material last? [VIDEO]

June 21, 2016

Storage of Rulon: How long will the material last?

I’m just returning to the office after a week of customer site visits. And one question that I was asked repeatedly involved the storage of Rulon. How long will Rulon materials really last? Theoretically, the material can last indefinitely – if it is handled and stored under the right conditions. To extend the lifespan of your Rulon plastic materials, we recommend that you look at these key storage factors... 

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Why do Metal Bearings Fail? Get the Guide!

June 14, 2016

Metal Bearing Failure Analysis: Get Your Free Guide

Have you ever had a metal bearing failure in your equipment? If you’re like most manufacturers, chances are nearly 100% that you’ve faced this expensive problem at one time or another. Bearing failure can lead to costly repairs and even a complete work stoppage on the production line. Yet in most cases, bearing failure can be avoided altogether when you choose the right material for your operating environment. 

We have the bearing failure analysis guide so that you can avoid this challenge in the first place. 

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