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Q&A: What is the shelf life of PTFE and Rulon Materials?

June 11, 2015

Q&A: What is the shelf life of PTFE and Rulon Materials?

This was an excellent question from a customer wondering how long they could store non-etched Rulon materials. When handled and stored properly, Rulon has an unlimited shelf life. But when the material is etched, the answer is not quite as simple. 

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Harvard Study Confirms Genuine Rulon Materials Superior to Counterfeit

February 6, 2015

Harvard Study Confirms Genuine Rulon Materials Superior to CounterfeitWe’ve just read a new study from Harvard University* that confirms what we’ve often mentioned here on Tech Talk – genuine Rulon® materials are far superior to their look-alike counterfeit components.   Yet counterfeit Rulon continues to be a big challenge in the plastics industry, with literally dozens of compounders selling (what they claim to be) “genuine” Rulon, when in fact these materials are often a blend of inferior resins. 

How can you Recognize Genuine Rulon and Avoid Counterfeit?  We’ve got a guide for that!

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Rulon Bearings in Vacuum Applications

November 12, 2014

Rugged Rulon 1337 for slide pads and rolling element retainersRugged Rulon 1337 for slide pads and rolling element retainers

When a major manufacturer of vacuum chambers required a self-lubricating bearing to replace their failing metal components, we knew Rulon® bearings would fit the bill. Our Engineering Experts took a site visit to the client, and recommended Rulon 1337; a material that is comprised solely of FDA-compliant materials, and offers durability and extended service with most mating surfaces. 

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Rulon 945 Improves Oil & Gas Compressor Performance

June 11, 2014

Rulon 945 Improves Oil & Gas Compressor PerformanceThe oil and gas industry has high demands for bearings.  Extreme temperatures and high loads, near-constant use, plus the increasing scrutiny of the industry’s impact on the environment are all top-of-mind.   Historically, carbon graphite and glass-filled bearings have been the preferred materials, but Rulon® 945 is now the preferred choice for oil and gas compressors. 

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Rulon 1439 Now Certified for Medical Disposals!

April 24, 2014

Rulon 1439 is certified for medical bearings and sealsSelf-lubricating bearing material receives USP Class VI compliance

We are pleased to announce that Rulon® 1439 ― an excellent seal and bearing material for medical and pharmaceutical processing ― is now fully-certified for use in medical device disposables, according to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).  USP is an independent public-health organization committed to purity testing for medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements.  Here’s why USP certification is important for medical bearing materials.

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Rulon Bearings: A Review of Common Formulas

April 17, 2014

Rulon 641 is FDA-cleared for use in food and pharmaceutical applicationsRulon® is one of the materials that we are asked about most often.  While there are over 300 unique formulas of this material, today we’ll review some of the most-common formulas.  No matter which formula your application requires, you should expect a versatile, self-lubricating, and low-friction material for bearings, seals, gaskets and structural components. 

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Rulon Fabrication: Expert Design Consultation Can Contain Costs

July 16, 2013

Rulon Design and FabridationIn the last few weeks we’ve reviewed the features and benefits of various Rulon® formulas.  But if there is one objection to this material that we hear, it is generally related to cost.  Rulon is not an inexpensive material to work with, but with careful design, there are ways to reduce the impact of customized materials.  This is where our in-house engineering and fabrication teams can help you design components for improved cost savings.

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Q&A - Designing bearings for use in a submerged application

July 9, 2013

Bearings for submerged applicationsQ: Our shop is designing bearings for use in a submerged application, which Rulon® formula would you recommend for use in these conditions?

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Rulon Bearing Tape = 500x Industry Standard for Wear Resistance

June 18, 2013

Rulon Bearing TapeWe recently answered a question via our Ask the Experts forum from a client searching for a tape with outstanding wear qualities.  Rulon tapes outperform all products in their category.  In rotation tests, this material offered 500x  wear resistance, and very low friction.  Rulon tapes are available in both low temperature acrylic and high-temperature, clean-release silicone adhesive.

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