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Rulon AR and Rulon LR: Back to Basics

May 19, 2015

Rulon AR and Rulon LR:  Back to Basics

I’ve just returned from a few days of customer site visits, which is always a great experience. I enjoy touring the manufacturing plants and learning more about our customers and their bearing challenges. On this trip I was asked about Rulon AR and Rulon LR, two of the over 300 different formulas of Rulon bearing materials. Our customer had some old design prints on file, and could not find the original Rulon formulas specified on the prints. Turns out, their old designs specified Rulon A and Rulon LD; materials that are no longer in production, here’s what we reviewed:

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Military Bearings: Rulon LR Delivers for Surface-to-Air Missiles

September 18, 2014

Rulon LR Delivers for Surface-to-Air MissilesWe were honored to recently collaborate with a military manufacturer in developing a host of new components to be used on a new surface-to-air missile system. This particular system was designed for use aboard naval ships, and had many unique requirements that we were able to overcome with Rulon LR bearings.

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Rulon Reels In Custom Fishing Components

August 28, 2014

Rulon Reels In Custom Fishing ComponentsHere’s a fishing tale about the one that didn’t get away! 

Our team worked with a high-end fishing manufacturer to design a whole new reel drag system. The drag is actually a slip-clutch assembly that allows the line to move freely under the pressure of a sudden hook or the pull of a large fish ― basically keeping the fish engaged while the line is hauled in. 

Why did we choose Rulon LR and Rulon J formulas for this unique clutch application? It all came down to matching the right compounds to the right surface materials.

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Rulon Bearings Go Green for Paper and Lumber Industries

August 5, 2014

Rulon Bearings Go Green for Paper & Lumber IndustriesGrease-free and long-lasting, self-lubricating bearings are the green choice for use on the equipment used to harvest and process lumber and paper products. But the green factor took on a whole new meaning recently when we partnered with a Northwest paper manufacturer who operates a completely self-sustaining plant.

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Rulon Bearings: How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit!

May 16, 2014

Rulon Bearings White PaperIt’s here - our latest Rulon® White Paper!

Did you know that not all bearing materials are created equally - not even those sold under the same brand name?  The truth is that there’s a flood of low-quality, counterfeit bearing materials being sold under the Rulon® brand name.  For most manufacturers it can be difficult to decipher genuine materials from counterfeit, yet counterfeit materials can be devastating to your application.

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Rulon Bearings: A Review of Common Formulas

April 17, 2014

Rulon 641 is FDA-cleared for use in food and pharmaceutical applicationsRulon® is one of the materials that we are asked about most often.  While there are over 300 unique formulas of this material, today we’ll review some of the most-common formulas.  No matter which formula your application requires, you should expect a versatile, self-lubricating, and low-friction material for bearings, seals, gaskets and structural components. 

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