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With soaring steel prices have you considered polymer bearings as a replacement option?

Posted by Dave Biering

October 11, 2011

As steel prices have soared (rising nearly 30% in the first months of the year), more and more manufacturers are exploring the cost savings that can be realized by switching from steel to polymer bearings.  Our agricultural partners, for instance, are adopting polymer over steel bearings for their seeders, harvesters and other machines in the farming fleet.

Some advantages of polymer for the agricultural market?

  • Self-lubricating design for lower maintenance and greasing costs
  • Extremely long wearing, even under arduous farming conditions
  • High strength and low weight (7:1 strength-to-weight ratio) for extended durability
  • Resistance to farming fertilizers, pesticides and chemical overspray
  • Ability to perform consistently in extreme weather conditions
  • Flexible design options to reduce component size and weight

Clearly, polymer is a competitive value when compared to metal. Download our agriculture white paper now.

Topics: Agriculture, Material Selection