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Did you Know? 15 Intriguing Facts about Industrial Bearings

Posted by Dave Biering

June 6, 2017

Did you Know? 15 Intriguing Facts about Industrial Bearings

We hope our technical blog has become a go-to resource of practical tips to aid in your engineering design. Our team is dedicated to helping your source the right industrial bearings, with the right qualities, and at the right value. But we’re also committed to ongoing education. Here are some intriguing bearing facts you may not know:

We’re digging into our industrial bearing archives and industry resources to bring you these 15 facts about bearing history and bearing selection.

Bearing History:

Did you know…

  1. Ancient Egyptians used a form of roller bearings to help move massive bricks during construction of the Pyramids in 2600 BC?
  2. Leonardo da Vinci was among the first to describe a type of bearing function and his ideas are still celebrated today?
  3. The human skeleton includes a form of sliding contact bearings (our joints)?
  4. Industrial bearings are available in thousands of unique combinations, but only two motions; linear and rotary?
  5. Bearings not only power the assemblies to make manufactured goods (like conveyor systems), but they are also critical parts of the finished goods themselves?

Bearing Design:

Did you know…

  1. Plastic bearings can be 5X lighter than their steel counterparts?
  2. Self-lubricating plastics lubricate via two common systems; smearing and debris?
  3. Rulon tape has a wear resistance level that is 500x the industry standard?
  4. Rulon A (now known as Rulon AR) was the very first Rulon formula brought to market?
  5. Early bearing designs were made of wood, later versions of sintered bronze and various metals, until the breakthrough of plastic composites in the 1950s?

Bearing Selection:

Did you know…

  1. The number one cause of metal bearing failure is lubrication? Estimates put the failure rate up to 70%!
  2. Plain bearing selection can be determined using 5 standard formulas?
  3. Etched Rulon materials can last up to a year when properly stored in a UV-blocking bag?
  4. Plasma treatments applications can increase the lifespan of a product from hours or days to even months or years?
  5. For best results, bearing selection should be based on the quality of the material, not the price point. Higher-quality plastics will give longer service (and better value) over time.

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Sources: ABMA, Alexander Slocum, IEN

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