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How do CJ Composite Bearings Beat Bronze in Offshore Drilling?

August 11, 2015

CJ Composite Bearings Beat Bronze in Offshore Drilling

A major producer of offshore drilling equipment has struck oil with increased production after switching their bronze bearings to CJ composite bearings in their drilling operations. Not only has their maintenance time decreased, but they now boast a more eco-friendly drilling process thanks to grease-free composites.

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Design Tip: The Anatomy of a Composite Bearing

June 2, 2015


Today’s post is dedicated to composite bearings – specifically, CJ composite journal bearings. You may already know that CJ bearings excel in industries where strength, durability, and vibration tolerance matter; including agriculture, marine, railroad and oil and gas applications. But how do composite bearings provide this high-level of performance? How are they made?

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Plastic Bearings Cool Bottled Beverages and Facilitate Frosty Transport

January 20, 2015

CJ Bearings Cool Bottled Beverages and Facilitate Frosty TransportYou may have read our recent Shooting Star about versatile plastic bearings in a range of winter activities. Plastic bearings excel as a replacement for bronze in cold-climate applications, thanks to their ability to resist moisture form snow and sleet, plus resist freezing temperatures. But plastic bearings also excel in cold-beverage transport, too. Here’s how we helped a major manufacturer of refrigerated truck compressors replace failing bronze bearings with reliable plastic. 

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Composite Bearings Increase Riders’ Mobility on Mass Transit

January 6, 2015

Composite Bearings Increase Riders’ Mobility on Mass TransitWe recently completed a particularly gratifying application, as we retrofitted wheelchair lifts that are located on commuter buses. 


Our client manufacturers transit wheelchair lifts, which enable commuters of all abilities to access public transportation. The lifts are attached to commuter busses, and enable wheelchair commuters to roll onto a flat ramp at street level and be lifted to bus level, before the ramps fold back into position. Our client noted their bronze bearings were causing vibration that hindered the lifts from a smooth deployment. They needed to replace the poorly-designed bronze bearings to ensure a safe ride from sidewalk to bus.

Read on for our Custom Solution:

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CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine Navigation

September 25, 2014

CJ Bearings Provide Smooth Sailing to Marine NavigationAn interesting application for marine navigational equipment came through our lab recently when we partnered with the manufacturer of a self-steering rudder. This auxiliary helm application was the perfect match for CJ bearings, which are among the best for chemical and salt-water tolerance.

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CJ Bearings Replace Bronze Bearings in Material Handling Equipment

August 19, 2014

CJ Bearings Replace Bronze Bearings in Material Handling EquipmentWhen a major bearing supplier came to us seeking a heavy-duty plastic bearing for their material handling application, we knew CJ bearings were the right fit. 

Our client is a major producer of forklift equipment used in paper balers, paper rolls and other material handling applications. They noted that as paper recycling rates increased nationwide, so, too, did the demand on their paper-handling equipment, and their bronze bearings were failing rapidly. A durable, long-lasting solution was needed to replace the bronze materials on the forklift attachments. 

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Waterproof Bearings: CJ resists corrosion and moisture

July 22, 2014

Composite CJ bearings resists corrosion and moistureIs corrosion a problem in your marine bearing application?

Are excessive loads or speeds a challenge?

Need a material to resist sea spray, barnacle growth and other water hazards?

We have the answer to these marine bearing challenges.

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Aircraft Bearings: Polymer pivots, steers and lifts with better performance

July 9, 2014

Aircraft Bearings: Polymer pivots, steers and lifts with better performanceHistory was made last month in the aviation industry as Boeing delivered its 1,500th 747 aircraft – the first wide-body airplane to reach this delivery milestone.  As a longtime provider of bearings for aircraft ranging from helicopters to military jets and even space components, TriStar shared in the marvel of the moment.

Aircraft bearings have strict requirements for quality and performance; they must tolerate massive fluctuations in temperatures, pressurized cabins, all-weather conditions, plus extreme loads.   And polymer bearings are becoming the go-to material for lift, tilt and pivot points in the steering, fuselage, wings and other areas of commercial aircraft.   Unlike metal bearings, they provide self-lubricating service to save on greasing and maintenance costs.  Here’s a sampling:

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Plane Bearings and Operating Limits: A composite comparison

July 1, 2014

Comparison of Operating Limits - Plane Bearing MaterialsI had a great conversation this week with an engineer seeking materials for a plane bearing application.  We spoke at length about the pros and cons of different materials including composites, bronze, acetals, and carbon alloy.  We also reviewed how PV is the most important factor in determining how well a material will perform as a plane bearing.   Pressure, velocity, heat and temperatures are also contributing factors. 

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