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White Papers

Explore Guides Covering Bearings, Plastic Materials, and Key Industries

White Papers

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Military Components White Paper

Military Components

How High-Performance Polymers Solve Engineering Challenges

Aerospace Components White Paper

Aerospace Components

Why High-Performance Polymers are Critical for Aerospace Applications

Meldin for Semiconductors

Semiconductor Manufacturing

How Meldin® Can Boost ROI for Plasma Deposition Components

Meldin® White Paper

Meldin® Materials

Why Meldin® Offers Extraordinary Value for Challenging High-Temperature Applications and Beyond

EMD White Paper

Enhanced Materials Division

Solving Tough Engineering Problems with Enhanced Materials and Specialized Engineering Services

Pulp and Paper WP

Pulp and Paper Equipment

How Careful Material Selection Can Solve Key Engineering Challenges for Pulp & Paper OEM’s

Plastic Bearing Design White Paper

Plastic Bearing Design

A Guide to Form, Function and Selection

Machining Plastics White Paper

Machining Plastics

The Essential Guide to Materials, Tools & Techniques

Bearing Failure White Paper

Why do Metal Bearings Fail?

A Guide to Primary Causes and Tips for Prevention

Oil and Gas White Paper

Oil and Gas Equipment

How Advanced Polymer Components Are Solving Problems Across the Oil and Gas Industry

Railcar Equipment White Paper

Railcar Equipment

How Advanced Self-Lubricating Bearing Materials are Helping Rail Cars and Related Equipment Operate More Safely and Efficiently

Food and Beverage Industry White Paper

Food and Beverage Industry

Challenges for Processing, Packaging, and Beyond

Critical Bearing Metrics White Paper

Critical Bearing Metrics

How to Choose the Best Bearing for Your Application

Robotics White Paper

Robotics and Manufacturing

A Guide to Bearing Selection for Increased Production

Industrial Bearings White Paper

Composite Bearings for Manufacturing

Ready to Improve Your Output? Grab this Guide to learn how!

Rulon Bearings White Paper

Rulon® Bearings

How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit

Surface Modification White Paper

Surface Modification

Improve Adhesion, Micro-Clean, and Hydrophobic or Hydrophillic Characteristics

Food Processing White Paper

Food Processing Equipment

How Advanced Polymer Components Can Solve Key Production Challenges

Food Packaging White Paper

Food & Beverage Packaging

The Value of Self-Lubricating Polymer Components

Agricultural Equipment White Paper

Agricultural Machinery Design

How new bearing innovations are propelling the industry with increased efficiency, productivity, and greater value

Rulon White Paper

Rulon® Engineered Materials

Quality Assurance Begins with Precision Processing