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Pulp and Paper Equipment

Pulp and Paper Equipment

How Careful Material Selection Can Solve Key Engineering Challenges for Pulp & Paper OEM’s

Specialized equipment plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of the pulp and paper industry. Almost all of this equipment is expected to operate either amidst highly abrasive wood particles, in continuous wet conditions, or in the presence the highly caustic chemicals used in processing wood pulp.

Learn about:

  • Some of the most important (and unique) challenges for pulp and paper equipment.
  • How the right materials can provide OEM's with a direct cost-effective solution to underlying issues.
  • Material approaches for wood/chip processing equipment, pulping equipment, and drying, finishing, and converting equipment.

If you’re involved in the purchasing and maintenance of equipment for the pulp and paper industry, we think you’ll find this an informative guide.

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