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Bearing Design White Paper

Bearing Selection: Get the Ultimate Plastic Bearing Design Guide

A Guide to Form, Function and Selection

When it comes to plastic bearing design, the options are virtually unlimited. Between unique formulas, specialized liners and custom fabrication, there are thousands of design options available. But how do you identify the precise engineered plastic to fulfill your requirements? Which qualities should you look for? And what options are even available?

We’ve got the answers to your bearing design questions! Get your free copy of: Plastic Bearing Design: A Guide to Form, Function and Selection to discover:

  • Bearing design evolution
  • Plastic bearings vs. traditional metal bearings
  • Comparison of relative bearing cost vs. performance
  • Key bearing design considerations:
    • Mechanical properties
    • Thermal and electrical properties
    • Finding the right bearing shape
  • Importance of ASTM testing
  • Advantages of Surface Modification
  • Plus real-world case studies

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