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Food Safety and Sanitation: 4 Ways Processors Can Improve Compliance

July 19, 2016

Food Safety and Sanitation: 4 Ways Processors Can Improve Compliance

Food safety and sanitation issues continue to dominate industry news this season, and many headlines are aimed directly at consumers. Did you know that the USDA is pledging to share more data from their inspections of processing and slaughter facilities? Read about it here in Food Safety Magazine. Given this increased level of consumer scrutiny, we’ve got four tips to help food and meat processors improve compliance with food safety and sanitation regulations.

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Food Bearings: 5 Benefits of Plastic Over Steel Bearings

March 10, 2015

Food Bearings: 5 Benefits of Plastic Over Steel BearingsHappy Frozen Food Month!

Granted, it may not be a Hallmark-worthy holiday, but as a key supplier of food bearings to processors and packagers, we’re happy to celebrate the critical role plastic bearings play in frozen food processing. From single machines to complete product lines, plastic bearings are an excellent replacement for steel bearings on the workhorses of the food industry; conveyor systems, hoppers, mixers, fillers, packaging arms, bottling equipment and more.

Here are 5 key benefits plastic bearings have over steel in the food industry:

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Q&A Can you review NSF-compliant food bearings?

January 13, 2015

TriStar is the exclusive US supplier of food-grade Rulon brand materials, 641, 1337 and 1439.

This was a great question posed to us following our recent post on Plastic Bearings for the Food Industry.

NSF International began as the National Sanitation Foundation back in 1944, and is dedicated to the development of public health standards and certification programs. This independent organization helps to protect global health by developing testing standards of products and systems.

Why is the NSF important in relation to plastic bearings?

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Plastic Bearings for the Food Industry: All the Ingredients

November 20, 2014

Food Industry and Plastic Bearings:  All the Ingredients As we approach the holiday season of food and friendship, this week on Tech Talk we wanted to showcase food bearings and plastic bearings for the food industry. From planting and harvesting equipment, to processing drills, packaging conveyors (see them in action!) and even on the refrigerated trucks and railcars that deliver food products to market ― plastic bearings touch every point in the food chain. Here’s just a sampling: 

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