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Tech Tip: Advantages of Reinforced Plastic Bearings

May 1, 2014

The advantages of reinforced plastic bearingsI recently made a site visit to an engineer who was reluctant to consider replacing metal bearings with plastic.  It seems in some industries, there is still a (mistaken) belief that plastic bearings are not as durable as metal in extreme applications.  In this case, I shared TriSteel, our premier reinforced plastic bearing component.   TriSteel consists of a steel backing bonded to a polymeric liner, and delivers superior performance and wear without the need for regular lubrication. 

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Ask the Expert: Finding the Right Automotive Bearing

March 25, 2014

Finding the Right Automotive BearingQ: We supply gear and strut components to auto manufacturers and need a versatile bearing for high-speed reciprocating and rotary applications. Durability, performance and price are all key factors. Any recommendations? 

A: Your best bet is a material with stainless steel substrates ― and TriStar is the only plastics company to manufacture them. A reinforced bearing material will protect your machinery in the rare instance of a shell breakthrough. You may consider…

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Download our new Railcar Manufacturing White Paper!

July 10, 2012

Learn how composite bearings and polymer fabricated parts excel aboard rail applications

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TriSteel PE Metal-Backed Bearings

March 20, 2012

I recently had a call about our TriSteel line of bearings.  TriSteel PE bearings are specifically-designed for high-temperature and corrosive environments. Using a PEEK liner and stainless steel backing, this PE bearing can withstand temperatures up to 485°F in the most corrosive environments

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Q&A: What alternative material to metal bearings would you suggest?

January 10, 2012

Q&A:  My company manufactures transmission components for the auto industry.  Our metal bearings are corroding and failing prematurely.  What alternative material would you suggest?

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TriSteel bearings rule the lawn

August 30, 2011

In this season of backyard lawn maintenance and gardening, I’ve been reminded of our long partnership with the manufacturers of riding lawn mowers.  One client approached us for a replacement option for the steel bearings on the undercarriage and steering components of their riding mowers.  As steel prices escalated, steel bearings were becoming cost prohibitive – plus the bearings were not providing the season-to season longevity they needed due to the lack of good maintenance.  

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Q&A: Do you offer a bearing with stainless steel substrates?

March 29, 2011

TriSteel BearingsOur top performing stainless steel bearing is TriSteel. TriSteel bearings are reinforced; and offer a unique polymer lining that is sintered to a porous, bronze interlayer. We can manufacture TriSteel bearings in standard or metric dimensions, and provide a  stainless steel, bronze and zinc or copper steel backing.  With this unique interlayer in place, your equipment will always be protected and continuously lubricated in the rare instance of a liner break.   

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Q & A: Do you know where I can get Dixon M-Liners or an equivalent product?

February 1, 2010

The Dixon M-Liners from Saint Gobain have become very difficult to obtain since they come from overseas. Tri Star is now offering a size for size equivalent product in it's Tri Steel product line called Tri Steel PE. This product is a rolled steel backed polymer lined bearing. The polymer liner is a special PEEK/PTFE combination that has a thicker dimension than normal steel backed bearings. This allows for post machining of the ID to tighter tolerances without removing the primary bearing source. Learn more from Tri Star's website and review the information on Tri Steel Bearings or watch our Tri Steel video on the Video Learning Center.

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Metal Backed Bearing Uses Modified PEEK Liner

June 2, 2009

New TriSteel PE material utilizes the outstanding wear properties of PEEK, combined with the PTFE low friction additive, make this product unique in thin wall metal backed products. The PEEK liner has excellent resistance to chemicals and when combined with a stainless steel shell material it is perfect for applications in chemical pumps, valves or environments where temperature is critical. TriStar's TriSteel PE bearing is available in inch and metric sizes as sleeve, flange and thrust bearings. Ask the Experts or visit for more information.

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